Feb. 16th, 2016

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For the people of Aldagar, who live in proximity to Elvie and Meransia, their rules of ascension are considered quite lax.

Same-sex marriages are not frowned upon and are treated as normal, even for the nobility or royalty. The Ruling Two can be m/m, m/f, or f/f. The Ruling Two don’t even have to be the married couple, so long as one of the Ruling Two are genetic heirs to the throne.

Take, for instance, Serena’s grandparents, her father’s parents. While they were husband and wife, they were not King and Queen. They were King and wife, with a secondary member of his support staff serving as the balance to his Ruling Two, (King and Dame, or King and Sir, in this instance, King and Sir). The Ruling Two do not have to be romantically linked.

Therefore, if Serena and Layla were to be wed, Serena would have the option to either nominate Layla as her Queen and the second half of her Ruling Two, or Layla (who honestly has no interest in learning how to rule a nation), could politely demur, allowing Serena to choose a more suitable candidate to rule beside her.

It is not the fact that they are a lesbian couple that prevents Serena and Layla from being together with ease, but that Layla is not only a commoner, she’s an Unlearned commoner (which is different from an uneducated commoner). Royalty don’t often marry for love, but for practicality, and Layla’s skills are impractical to assisting and supporting Serena in her future rule.

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They meet in public frequently.

There’s no law barring the princess from leaving the palace. She’ not prevented from mingling with her citizens. In fact, she no longer even needs to take a bodyguard with her as she’s proven the capability to defend herself.

Though Layla swears she still sometimes sees Quen, a shadow in the crowd. Old habits die hard, after all. Once a guardian, always a guardian.

So, yes, there’s nothing odd in their twice-weekly lunches. Their weekend dinners. The strolls through the market. The fruitless and longing stares through the glass of the bakery windows…

No one looks twice.

It’s an odd sense of privacy for a relationship that ought to garner more scrutiny. But the princess can have as many friends as she likes.

Lovers, however, those are a different story. Those rendezvous have to be furtive, conducted in secret.

No one can know about Layla and Serena. Not yet. Especially since their friendly fling has stretched years into a serious commitment.

A princess should be with someone who can stand at her side. And right now, Layla, daughter of Nolan’s Guard, doesn’t count.


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