Feb. 17th, 2016

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Twisted Fables is now available for Pre-Order if you want to go ahead and get the Anthology ahead of time!

I’m very excited to finally be getting back out into the publishing world and I hope you’ll support the other writers in this fascinating Anthology.

My short story is a f/f fantasy called A Royal Pursuit.

It’s time for The Reverence, and this year’s challenge is for those brave or foolish enough to enter. It’s a chance, however. For fortune and fame. For something else. For one of Cel'li’s boons.

Layla knows it’s her golden opportunity. Tired of keeping her relationship with Princess Serena to the shadows, this is a chance worth taking. With such a prize, no one can deny their bond. It’s the best hope she has for the future. Even if it means risking everything.

Even better!

Not only can you buy the entire anthology digitally and in print (from Amazon), but you’ll also be able to buy A Royal Pursuit individually after the release date.

Seven more days to go! \o/

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Sometimes Serena forgets.

Layla is not royalty nor is she one of the nobility. She is the daughter of a soldier, one of the city guard.

But that doesn’t mean she is uneducated. Her father insisted that he and her siblings attend the local academies no matter the cost.

According to Layla, he’s always believed the path to self-improvement lay in a proper education.

Though that doesn’t explain why Serena keeps finding her lover with her nose buried in those… those obscene pieces of trashy romance that can barely be called stories, much less novels. They are the only thing Layla will read by her own choice, as raunchy and explicit as they are.

Poorly written, too, which if you ask Serena is the greater sin.

“You’re just jealous you can’t come up with a line as epic as this,” Layla says, sticking out her tongue. “My nethers quivered with tumescent desire, soaked in the honey of my longing. I–”

“Enough!” Serena laughs. “Please enough. My brain is bleeding out of my ears.”

“Elitist,” Layla teases.

“Only because I have a sense of taste,” Serena retorts.



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