Feb. 18th, 2016

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So one of the themes in A Royal Pursuit is that Layla is taking part in a tournament, Cel'li’s Challenge as a matter of fact, in hopes to win Cel'li’s Boon, rather than the prize coin. Cel'li’s Boon is an open-ended opportunity to make a request for something that you couldn’t get otherwise, though it’s more often used to make a statement of love.

In Aldagar, they have a celebration every year and a tournament/challenge to go with it. They have five deities that they cycle through to honor.

1. Cel'li, the warrior god. His challenge is a physical tournament, doesn’t have to be swords but no magic can be involved.

2. Melali, the god of knowledge. His challenge is sort of like a brain bowl. Participants have to be able to answer a variety of questions from a variety of origins including literature, science, math, and history.

3. Larian, goddess of cunning, or the trickster goddess. She is honored by a footrace that is more like a relay race.

4. Ilith, goddess of magic, who is honored by a fighting tournament, but only for wizards/sorcerers, whether Innate or Adept.

5. Arith, goddess of science and younger sister of Ilith, who is honored by an alchemy challenge.

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Their first kiss had been in the dirt, sweat painting their skin, and clothes sticking to their bodies.

They’d been training, practicing self-defense for Serena’s benefit. Her amateur status was painfully obvious given the amount of times Layla got her on her back.

It was the fifth time Layla pinned her down when their eyes met. They’d been laughing because Serena didn’t know how to get frustrated, only flustered.

Layla straddled Serena, pinning her to the practice dirt, when she realized how very lovely Serena was. Dust-streaked face and all.

It struck her then, how very much she wanted to kiss Serena. She said as much aloud, mouth moving before her bran could caution otherwise.

Serena flushed and said, “Well then, why don’t you?”

Layla had taken the invitation, closing the distance between their lips as excitement grew within her.

Their first kiss was brief, an introduction of their mouths, one to the other.

The second and the third were better. Sweeter. Wetter. Layla instantly knew she wanted a fourth and a fifth.

And if the look of wonder on Serena’s face was any indication, she did, too.


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