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Price List Simplified

$5 for a 500 word drabble.
$15 for a 1500 word ficlet.
And $10 for every 1000 words after that.
Want something over 10K? Just ask me for a quote!

Questions and Answers


I do offer fic commissions for anyone who is interested! This stories can be set in any of my original universes, whether they are strictly canonical or not. They can contain any of my characters or even crossover characters.

But more importantly! They can also be your own characters. Do you want to see a neat little meet-cute story between a red-headed freckled swordswoman and a coffee-skinned druid? Or maybe a rousing battle of wits between a master and his apprentice? Or even a space pirate who is all out of luck when it comes to finding treasure? 

Perhaps you want to go NSFW and get an erotic fic with some original characters? Maybe a sexy centaur or a doe-eyed dwarf or a feisty fairy or whatever else you can come up with.

I am offering fic commissions to give you your heart's desire. From the short to the long. From kid-friendly g-rated fic all the way up to the more explicit nc-17.

If you're not sure what you want, just ask! I can definitely help you figure out what's in your budget based on what you're looking for.

Terms and Conditions

These are really important so pay close attention.

If you commission fics from stories set in any of my universes or using any of my existing characters, you are not allowed to repost those works anywhere or claim the work for your own. I retain all rights to these works.

If your commission is an original fic from your own universe and your own characters, you may repost it wherever you please, but you are not allowed to claim the work as your own and the repost must give me the credit and link back to my website. Nor are you allowed to try and submit it to a publisher or self-publish it for profit.

The above is usually considered ghostwriting, i.e, hiring a writer for an idea that you have which you then take to a publisher. That is a completely different ballgame and requires an entirely different payment structure.

If you are interested in hiring me to be your ghostwriter, please contact me. I would be most happy to discuss pricing with you. It's hard to give an estimate here because this will vary per story, how much research I'm going to need to do, how much time it's going to take, my availability, etc. But yes, I am open to being hired as a ghostwriter.

I reserve the right to refuse any commission that makes me feel uncomfortable or that I do not feel I can fulfill to either your or my satisfaction. Granted, I have yet to refuse a commission so this is unlikely, but I do have that right.


Do and Do Not Want

I will write romance, science fiction, erotica, fantasy, supernatural, horror, and murder-mysteries. I am open to all types of sexual relationships: m/f, m/m, f/f, asexual, etc. I am open to all kinks (except the two listed below).

I will not write glorified pedophilia or the rape=love trope.

If you are unsure whether or not your content is acceptable to me, just ask! I am quite friendly and there's no such thing as a dumb question. I am always available to answer questions.


To Contact Me

Send me an e-mail at Wilkinson.cass@yahoo.com or contacting me through my livejournal or dreamwidth.

Slot One: Closed - R. Taylor (The Pendant-Maker)
Slot Two: Closed
Slot Three: Closed
Slot Four: Closed
Slot Five: Closed

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a/n: This fic is WAY overdue. It was for mandalee1013's birthday back in October. I so very much fail on getting this done on time. *hangs head* My only consolation is that it's way longer than I meant it to be, it has porn, and I actually think it turned out pretty good. So a very belated happy birthday. I hope you enjoy! Beware this is definitely NSFW and may contain spoilers for the end of Whispers of Yesterday though this isn't exactly what happens.

Title: We All Need Saving
Universe: Infinity's End, Whispers of Yesterday, NOT CANON
Rating: M
Words: 9500
Warnings: Het, slash, threesome, implied torture, offscreen minor character death
Desc: GalexMalcolmxIone. Malcolm is forced to confront his feelings regarding his two closest friends when Gale goes missing, and Ione enlists Malcolm's help in finding him.

There is nothing left for Malcolm to do. Except, perhaps, to find Sabriel and see if he'd be willing to indulge in a jug or two of hard liquor. A man should never drink alone.  )


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