Feb. 21st, 2016

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who cries when someone dies in a movie

Definitely Layla. She tries to hide it, but she reacts first, thinks later. Serena’s been trained to keep her emotions in check, so she might feel like crying, but she’s good at putting on that stone face.

who wears the ugly holiday garb

Layla. She loves to find the ugliest thing she can possibly locate and wear it with pride. Especially if it’s comfortable. Plus, it makes Serena laugh.

who pays for the meals

They take turns, especially at first. Layla insisted upon it. Once they get married, though, the pull from a joint pot and pay together. And Serena is always a big tipper.

who brings home stray animals

Serena. Layla’s too practical when it comes to strays, but Serena has a very big heart and still thinks she can save the world and everything in it.

who leaves the bathroom door open

If using the facilities, neither of them, at least not at first. If bathing, Layla. She hopes to entice Serena to join her.

who tells the ‘dad jokes’

Layla. She loves puns and bad jokes and silly things. Stuff that makes Serena laugh and give her a fond look.  

who wants kids more

Neither of them. Serena is hoping she can foist off the idea of heirs onto her brother, while Layla has enough nieces and nephews that she thinks she’s set for life.

who travels more

Layla. She’s at least been out of the city a few times thanks to being a member of the militia and Nolan’s Guard. Serena hopes to get out of the city soon. She wants to make diplomatic trips to both Aldagar and Ivaline to maintain friendly relations with their neighbors.

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Serena loves Layla’s freckles. They make her look cute and charming. She is both, of course, but they often bely how very dangerous she can be, too.

Layla considers it one of her secret weapons.

Serena especially loves to trace Layla’s freckles with her fingers. She has a broad spatter of them across the back of her shoulders, like little tan morsels.

Layla is not ticklish, unfortunately, but she does shiver when Serena plays connect the dots. Even more so when she uses her tongue.

There are a few, larger stray freckles, too. They make a disjointed trail down toward Layla’s delectable rump, on which the right cheek has a cutely shaped birthmark. It looks a bit like a teacup.

The first time Serena commented on it, Layla cheekily replied, “perhaps you should add some sugar then.” She wriggled her rump.

Serena had rolled her eyes. Those damn trashy novels. Would she never hear the end of them?

Serena laughs to herself as she remembers that moment, while her mouth makes a warm trip down Layla’s spine.

“Something funny?” Layla asks.

Serena flicks a finger over the birthmark. “Tea time,” she says.

Layla snickers. “I guess it is.” Her body shakes as she laughs a little harder. “Better get to brewing.”


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