Feb. 23rd, 2016

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~Layla likes to snuggle, but Serena hates excess heat. They may start the night cuddling, but eventually, Layla rolls into a blanket burrito, and Serena sprawls out on top of what’s left of the covers.

~Layla is the more sexually experienced of the two, with both male and female lovers in the past, but Serena is an eager study. She has only had female partners.

~Serena says ‘I love you’ first, a quiet confession during a tender moment. It’s several months later when Layla blurts it out in return, over a public lunch, and during an unfortunate, if not hilarious, lull in the dull roar of surrounding conversation.

~They have spent at least one nigh in every inn, bed and breakfast, or hostel in Aldagar. Some they have frequented enough that they have a favorite room.

~In the Spring, the peak of flower season, Layla snores. She also sneezes like a horse.

~Layla enjoys watching Serena apply her make up for official functions, but rejects wearing any herself. She doesn’t have the patience and refuses to let Serena’s handmaidens help her.

~Serena is a messy crier. It’s a good thing she doesn’t do so often, because her face turns splotchy, tears go everywhere, and her nose runs.

n_wilkinson: (bluesummerdaydream)

Layla, as it turns out, loves bondage. It’s a surprise to her as much as it is to Serena.

But the first time Serena pins her down enough that Layla can’t move, she outright moans. It turns her on, makes her immediately wet, though she can’t put her finger on why.

The next time they have more than a stolen moment in a storage room, Layla brings with her a handful of knitted scarves. For the first time, she’s embarrassed to ask for something. Her face burns and she can’t meet Serena’s eyes.

Serena, however, only smiles and takes the scarves with evident curiosity.

“Tie you up?” she repeats and her lips curve with sheer delight. “It sounds like fun.”

Layla blinks. “You’re sure?”

Serena steps close and loops one scarf over Layla’s body like a lasso, reeling her in.

“Absolutely,” she purrs. “Something tells me we’re both going to enjoy this indulgence.”

Layla shivers, her insides quivering. “Thank you.”

“Oh.” Serena nuzzles into her throat with a warm exhalation. “It’ll be my pleasure.


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