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Singular Works
Aftermath: On hiatus. Novel-length. Rated: T. Seven heroes try to pick up the pieces after vanquishing evil and protecting what is most important to them. But nightmares haunt the night, and restless stirrings keep them wandering. The real battle begins as they struggle to remember what it means to have a normal life.
A Thousand Words:  A series of oneshots. Complete. Rated: M. Based in part on true stories, this series of shorts illustrate the heartbreak of love: the pain of wanting what one shouldn't have, the carefully hidden relationship cracking on the edges, the one who always waits. All these and more.  Contains elements of slash, het and erotica.

Four Years On: A short story. Complete. Rated: M. Jason thought he'd left it all behind when he went to college: the family who couldn't accept him, the boyfriend he might have outgrown, the small town with even smaller minds. The past, however, catches up to him on the day of his graduation, when Jason is set to give the valedictory speech. Thanks to his new boyfriend Kale's meddling, this might just be the closure Jason needs, for better or worse. Contains elements of erotica and slash.

*Fallen Angel, Fallen God: Complete. Novella. Rated: M. Once named, once a deity, once an immortal power, now he wanders the mortal plane, seeking to understand the mortal life. Cursed and filled with hate, Seiji becomes aimless. Contains elements of erotica and slash.

In Darkness Dwells: Complete. Novel-length. Rated: M. American PI Elias Grimm accepts the case of a lifetime when he flies to Japan to investigate the unusual death of a billionaire's son and heir. However, this death isn't the first, and Elias is in over his head. Sometimes, it's better to let some secrets -- and noble grudges -- stay buried. Contains elements of slash and erotica.

The Requiem of Janus: Complete. Novel-length. Rated: M. Janus, the high priest of the Lady Queen Sybaris, has always received what he desired, no matter the price. When his eyes fall on Alcaeus, a soldier already promised to another, Janus vows to do whatever it takes to make Alcaeus his, even if it means losing everything he holds sacred. Contains elements of slash and erotica.

Synesthesia: Complete. Novel-length. Rated: T. A Paranormal Murder Mystery. Ethan has lived with his gift -- hearing emotions as music -- his entire life. And he's learned to cope with it. But when a serial killer makes a home in his town, and he's contacted by different groups all wanting to make use of his ability, he finds himself dragged into the thick of things. And all he wants to do is be left alone. 

Walking DelusionsComplete. Novel-length. Rated: M. When the lines between reality and fantasy blur in a world where preconceived notions and secret desires shape fate, Anne finds herself questioning everything. Even her own existence. Contains elements of erotica, het, and slash.
Short Stories

A Character's Worst Nightmare: Short Story. Complete. Rated: K. In the world of Make-Believe, characters wait to be assigned to their positions in the real world. But sometimes, there are tasks no character wants to take.

A Royal Pursuit: Short Story. Complete. Rated: M. It's time for the Reverence, and this year's challenge is for those brave or foolish enough to enter. It's a chance, however. For fortune and fame. For something else. For one of Cel'li's boons. Layla knows it's her golden opportunity. Tired of keeping her relationship with Princess Serena to the shadows, this is a chance worth taking. With such a prize, no one can deny their bond. It's the best hope she has for the future. Even if it means risking everything.

The Mysterious Fuzzy Red Glove: Short Story. Complete. Rated: PG. When Angela and Marta went to the supermarket for ice cream, they never expected to find themselves stumbling into another world where strange monsters consider them the next meal. Even more amazing is how they got there. Will they find their way home or end up at the foul end of a cottony death?

Descent: Short story. Complete. Rated: T. This is the story of a woman and her troubles, of finding herself and losing it again. Of a town, and its people. Of acceptance and belonging. Of the ultimate fear. Has an accompanying illustration.

Monster: Short story. Complete. Rated: T. They said there was a monster in those woods, but Hadrian never believed them. On a cold autumn morning approaching his seventeenth winter Hadrian learned that the line between monster and human was very thin indeed. 

The Devil's WifeShort story. Complete. Rated: T. Well-meaning goes hand in hand with idiotic, as I've come to learn. I hate to say that this isn't the first time I've been kidnapped for my own sake. And I daresay it won't be the last. 

The Seeker: Short story. Complete. Rated: T. Someone has taken the children, the only progeny of a widowed queen. All efforts from the most skilled hunters and knights have proved fruitless. There is but one option left. The Seeker takes up her sword once more and nothing will stand in her way.

Looking Glass
: Short Story. Complete. Rated: M (for violence, character death, and slight slash). Devon will never understand it. There's no sense to it. No rhyme or reason. None at all.

Erland Duology
Currently only available on The Den of Debauchery website as it goes through revisions.

Prisoner of Conscience
: Complete. Novel-length. Book One. Rated: M (for violence, not erotica). The maris have always been a warlike people, but for Erland, the chaotic war between two neighboring races has gone on too long. When a simple battle turned ambush takes the life of someone dear to him, what will he suffer for a perfect world?

Best Intentions: 
In-Progress. Novel-length. Book Two. Rated: M (for violence). Everything lies in Erland's hands now, the power for both creation and destruction. Loyalties come frail, yet stronger than he ever suspected, and somewhere in his journey, Erland seeks redemption.

The Edge of Tomorrow Complete. Book One. Rated: M. Canon. Ione makes a difficult decision when her allies call for her imprisonment, forcing her to flee for her life. In the hands of the Theravada, she meets Gale Arlen, rumored leader of the rebels, and learns what it truly means to choose a side. Contains elements of erotica and het, with hints to slash.

Whispers of Yesterday: Complete. Book Two. Rated: M. Canon. Now firmly entrenched in the Theravada -- and firmly involved with Gale as well -- Ione discovers the hidden sides of both Grayshire and Theravada. She questions her own decisions -- and her feelings -- as the war takes on a more murderous, personal turn for the worse.

Nycthemeron: Upcoming. Book Three. Rated: M. Canon. The Theravada have come to a consensus -- they can no longer wait, the time to act is now. Grayshire must fall. Still avoiding the finality of "love", Ione throws herself into battle, determined to find both revenge and peace, even if one destroys all chances of the other.

Master and CommanderComplete. Oneshot. Rated: M. Canon. Prequel to The Edge of Tomorrow. Azriel/Kieran. No matter what anyone else thinks, Kieran isn't submissive. It's just a game they play.

The Break of DayIn Progress. Rated: T. Canon. Prequel to The Edge of Tomorrow. Azriel/Kieran (eventually). A friendship that takes everyone by surprise slowly evolves into a deeper bond as Azriel, illegitimate son of the house Celestine, and Kieran, heir to the house Azura, throw themselves into the heart of a building altercation that explodes into an all out revolution.

The Mimickers Saga
Currently only available on The Den of Debauchery website as it goes through revisions.

In-Progress. Rated: M. Jareth, a man running from his past, and Rivalen -- seeking to reclaim his -- are two members of an elite mercenary force with only one purpose: To find and destroy Jareth's nemesis, Ahriman. But when a woman rains down from the sky, claiming to have the answers, can they trust to her? Or will blind faith cast them into darkness? 

The Phoenix Curse:
 Complete. Book One. Rated: M. Canon. Tainted blood, soulless eyes, the living dead.... is it coincidence and fate? The beginning of it all, when Jareth's mercenaries clash with Ciara, an otherwordly woman with too much knowledge and too little intent to use it.

Fate's Cruel Hand: In progress. Book Two. Rated: M. Canon. Predetermined truths buckle under the weight of circumstance, and somehow, the motley band of mercenaries must keep their sanity as the time for Jareth's final battle draws ever closer.

By the Cover
: Oneshot. Complete. Rated: K. Canon. Amiel's POV. Amiel/Jacinta (hinted). Nostalgia has a way of creeping up on him when he least expects it as memories of the past remind him of chances lost.

Broken and In Shambles: Oneshot. Complete. Rated: T. Fanfiction. Rivalen/Jareth. Thrown words and harsh times, accusations and silent cries. When everything comes to an end, who will be the one to blame?

Lacrymosa: Oneshot. Complete. Rated: M. Fanfiction. Jareth/Rivalen. Inspired by Delta Goodrem's "Last Night on Earth". It was deep, dark, something fallen and echoing in a never-ending cavern of secrets and lies. Rivalen wasn't sure exactly how to describe it, save that he knew it summed up what they were to each other.

Library Liaison: Oneshot. Complete. Rated: M. Fanfiction. Rivalen/Jareth. When Jareth seeks out Rivalen in the Xanathos' library, it's not for another verbal spar, but a fight of a different nature.

War of the Animum
Rated: M. A series of interconnected stories. In Progress. A guardian's desire for freedom, no matter the cost, sets the world into turmoil. Enter Sleet, a simple thief living a simple life, who finds himself swept away into the tide of a war he doesn't care to fight. Contains elements of slash and erotica. (Frost/Sleet, Sleet/Others)

Darkness Descends: Complete. When Frost contacts Sleet to team up for a lucrative mark, it seems like any typical day until a simple sphere shatters Sleet's world and everything in it. 

The Advent of Courage: Complete. Sleet learns the truth behind the attack on Tawnry and his own role in Corynth's future. However, whether or not he'll accept his fate remains to be seen.

Hourglass: Complete. Sleet and the others continue to seek out more allies to their cause, hoping to gather the remaining animus before Balaam finds them. Time is their enemy, all too short for the battle that rages ever closer.

Wolf in the Fold: Complete. Questions stack upon questions as Sleet and his barely allied group of companions head further north, seeking out the last animus before Balaam can find them.

Interlude: Complete. The eye of the storm, the calm between one battle and the next. Our crew stop in Toran to rest, resupply and consider their next moves. Idle minds have nothing to do but wander and the past never stays quiet.

The Road to RuinIn Progress. With time growing shorter, Sleet and company make the decision to divide their forces in order to beat Balaam at his own game. But their enemy is no fool and will cause them to make one of their hardest choices yet.

The Finer Points of Thievery: Canon. Complete. Frost/Sleet. A chance encounter leads to something Sleet never expected: a friendship with the most well-known thief in Corynth.

A series of crossover stories from my various universes set in the real world.

Crab Legs:
Rated: K+. Ficlet. In which Sleet really likes crab legs and Jasper is horrified. (feat Sleet Underwood and Jasper Cole)

O'Christmas Tree: Rated: K+. Ficlet. The selection process is all a matter of opinion. (feat an ensemble of characters)

Silver Bells: Rated: T. Ficlet. What's Christmas without a little tinsel? (feat an ensemble of characters)


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