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~Layla likes to snuggle, but Serena hates excess heat. They may start the night cuddling, but eventually, Layla rolls into a blanket burrito, and Serena sprawls out on top of what’s left of the covers.

~Layla is the more sexually experienced of the two, with both male and female lovers in the past, but Serena is an eager study. She has only had female partners.

~Serena says ‘I love you’ first, a quiet confession during a tender moment. It’s several months later when Layla blurts it out in return, over a public lunch, and during an unfortunate, if not hilarious, lull in the dull roar of surrounding conversation.

~They have spent at least one nigh in every inn, bed and breakfast, or hostel in Aldagar. Some they have frequented enough that they have a favorite room.

~In the Spring, the peak of flower season, Layla snores. She also sneezes like a horse.

~Layla enjoys watching Serena apply her make up for official functions, but rejects wearing any herself. She doesn’t have the patience and refuses to let Serena’s handmaidens help her.

~Serena is a messy crier. It’s a good thing she doesn’t do so often, because her face turns splotchy, tears go everywhere, and her nose runs.


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