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The Mimickers
A Royal Pursuit

Part of the 'Twisted Fables' Anthology

A Royal Pursuit Cover photo aroyalpursuit510_zpsve0m9qvq.jpg

Series: Set in The Mimickers Universe
Genre: F/F Romance, Fantasy, Erotica
Rating: M
Warnings: sexual content, fantasy typical violence

Price: $2.49 from Torquere


It's time for The Reverence, and this year's challenge is for those brave or foolish enough to enter. It's a chance, however. For fortune and fame. For something else. For one of Cel'li's boons.

Layla knows it's her golden opportunity. Tired of keeping her relationship with Princess Serena to the shadows, this is a chance worth taking. With such a prize, no one can deny their bond. It's the best hope she has for the future. Even if it means risking everything.


Layla walked into the ring when she was called, holding her head up high, her hand resting on the hilt of her sword. Alistair was already waiting, one arm wrapped in bandages and several rips in his clothing. At least he hadn't come away unscathed either. 

This was little reassurance. 

Alistair was a head and half taller than her. He had a better reach, he was stronger, and he moved awfully quick for someone so bulky. 

Layla was outclassed in every way. Yet, she refused to forfeit. If she ended up defeated, she would go down having given it her all. 

“You are not quite the challenger I expected,” Alistair said with a lazy rake of her body. Weighing and dismissing her, all at once. 

Layla fought down a shiver of disgust. “You are the worst of what I expected,” she retorted.

She drew her sword and leveled it at him. 

He snickered and drew his own, the long, thin blade designed for agility. Compared to her heavier hand and a half, they were ill-matched to duel. 

The announcer finished introducing them. Layla planted her feet. She knew Alistair's type. He would attack first. 

The gong sounded. 

Alistair launched himself at her with a showy, spinning move. Layla ducked under it and whipped into a half-turn, lashing at him with a boot. She kicked the back of one thigh, but he was already moving and absorbed the blow. He spun again, sword whistling through the air, and she gasped, raising her sword to block. 

Metal rang against metal. 

The crowd erupted into cheers.


None at this time.

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