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Good afternoon!

NaNo is through, I was successful. Now it's time to see what's on the list for December. I have several busy weeks ahead. Shopping. Wrapping. Job hunting. Cleaning. But I'm definitely planning on a lot of writing.

I'm focusing on two fics for sure, with others trickling in on the edges for the sake of variety.

First and foremost, I'm working on finishing my m/m urban fantasy romance Shady Hill (title subject to change). This one has gone through several plot revisions but I now have a clear picture of how I want it to go. I'm about four-fifths of the way done with the first draft. If I can stamp complete on this, I'll be a happy writer.

I'm leaving East of Eden edits for 2015.

I hope to write and post some ficlets, too. Little glimpses into all these stories. I don't want to waste this opportunity to get some writing work done.

You can always ask me about the progress of anything I haven't mentioned. I don't mind one bit. :)
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Huzzah!! I did it!

Nano Big Winner 2014 photo Winner-2014-Web-Banner_zps554ee45d.jpg

That's 35,133 words of East of Eden (42534 actually, but I'd had 7401 already written) and 15,833 of assorted fanfictions for a grand total of.....
51,016 words. Phew! For awhile there, I didn't think I would make it but I did. Go me!

Now expect to see more little fics trickle in. I'm currently jobless so I'm hoping that means lots and lots of writing time, that is when I'm not job hunting and interviewing. Updates will return in December, including War of the Animum. Excitement!

Big thanks to everyone who provided prompts and encouragement. I did manage to fill every single prompt given to me (save one which is still in progress because it decided it's not a little fic, it's a long one) so be looking for those.

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So. I'm kind of having a dilemma here. I finished my fic for NaNo but I'm still short of 50K. In all my years of doing this, I've never experienced this problem. I always run out of words before I run out of novel. It boggles!

So, to help me reach my goal, I figured I'd write something else. I don't want to start something new and add to my ever-growing list of unfinished/in-progress stories.

Therefore, I'm asking that in lieu of flash fiction Friday which I skipped because I thought I wouldn't need it and I was wrong, I'm asking for prompts! My only requirement is that they be for an existing universe of mine, complete or not, that way I'm not tempted to start a whole new series or fic. It can be a current fic or one that's been finished for five years. I'm not picky.

Help a writer out? I've got 16,000 more words to go and I'm drawing blanks! :D Oh, and there's no limit on the prompts. Leave as many as you like. No guarantee that I'll write them all but anytime I'm in the mood for fic and don't know what to write, I tend to skim over unanswered prompts. Just saying. ;)
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Curse you RL! *shakes fist*

Hoo. I'm struggling. I'm clocking in at about 28,795 so far which means I'm barely keeping up with the daily demands. This'll be a close one this year. *wipes sweat from brow*

Snippet, Snippet )
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For the curious, I'll do this on my road to victory.

Right now, I stand at 16, 227 words of 50,000. That means I'm just a teensy bit ahead of where I need to be. No thanks to RL.

The story, East of Eden, is as I said, a true romance. The first I've ever written. And now, I've taken to calling it The Tale of Two Geeks, because really, that's it is. And at it's core, it's a coming of age story for a man who's in his thirties, and finally learning what it means to live. The theme song, so far is "Heads Tails" by Hotspur.

Snippet! )

I'll update word counts and bring some more snippets as the month moves along. Good luck to everyone else participating!


Nov. 2nd, 2014 05:53 pm
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October kind of failed a little. *headdesk* I only managed to post once. I blame RL.

And November means NaNoWriMo! I've already started, and so far I'm on track, but RL is still kicking my aft.

I'm working on my first-ever genuine romance called East of Eden, a m/m romance that's also set in present day and contains no fantasy elements whatsoever. Another first for me!

I've discovered one thing though. Romance is hard! I'm so used to writing fics where the romance is a side-plot and an aside to the main storyline, the main problem. Now that the romance is the plot, I'm struggling to keep it going.

This is definitely a learning process for me. One more step on the road to attempting to write in all genres.

Wish me luck!

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As I work on building my profile and my fics, I've finally managed to come to some decisions. :)

For NaNoWriMo, I will be focusing on Break of Day, Part Two. Huzzah!

I will be editing/tweaking/smoothing out Aftermath and I will be self-publishing that in 2014. Yay!

And I will be editing, re-drafting, and seeking beta/editors for Synesthesia, and that I will start submitting to agents/publishers, etc in 2014 as well. Moving on up!

My new fic finally has a title: East of Eden. This will be my first ever pure romance. I'm excited about it!

I'm a few pages short of finishing Nycthemeron. Great news! Now I just have to pick which book I intend to work on by hand-writing next. So many decisions.


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