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a/n: Every time I think I have RL under control, something else happens. *sigh* Anyway, here's a little something I wrote and polished up and hopefully, I can get some more little tidbits for everyone. Soon as RL settles. Enjoy! And NSFW.

Title: Conversations
Universe: In Darkness Dwells, post-novel
Characters: MadisonxElias
Rating: M
Warnings: pretty much PWP, oral
Description: A moment of getting to know one another.

Talk about fulfilling stereotypes.  )


Jan. 30th, 2014 08:42 am
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Good morning everyone!

This is just a quick update to let you know that both In Darkness Dwells and The Requiem of Janus have reverted back to me so you can no longer purchase them through Amazon or Torquere Press.

I'm working now to try and get some new cover art and self-publish them, but time and money are against me so I don't know how soon I can get them back up. If you still want copies and don't care that it doesn't have a shiny cover, contact me and I can sell you one directly.

Thanks to everyone for your support on this publishing journey of mine. Here's hoping my new releases can be just as successful! :)

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So I hosted the Torquere Social on Saturday and offered to write some flash fics if they'd give me some prompts. Here are those fics for the curious. Fans might recognize the characters from In Darkness Dwells in the first piece and the characters from The Break of Day in the fourth piece. Also, beware the possible grammatical errors.

For rapidess
Prompt: EliasxMadison (clover, fireworks, moon)

Elias tries for fluff.  )

For pd_singer
Prompt: Gino and Cal (shoelace, slam, tabby cat)

Some things never change. )

For tucker620
Prompt: Tucker and Louie (guinea pig, video games, bread, front porch, dog)

Of trying new things.  )

For kim620
Prompts: Kieran and Azriel, (daisies, tractors, stakes, veggies)

Because Kieran doesn't like veggies.  )

For ali_wilde
Prompt: Bing and Jeremy (mission, impossible, ghost)

Giggling in bed isn't appreciated.  )

a/n: I promise I'm working on the flash fic from Friday. Real Life is intervening. I shall post them over the month as I write them.
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Good afternoon everyone!

This is a fly-by post to let all fans of my original fiction know that I'm hosting the Torquere livejournal today. Stop on by to say hello and enter for a chance to win free stuff! I'll also be posting bits from my eventually upcoming fic Shady Hill for the curious and also talking about the yet untitled sequel to The Requiem of Janus. I'll also be offering opportunity for prompting ficlets for original works.

Hope to see you there!

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Evening guys! Sorry I don't have the flash fics yet. Work+Illness does not for writing make. But I'll have all six of them for ya tomorrow.

Until then, check out this great review In Darkness Dwells received! 4.25 stars out of 5!

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Late author is late. I meant to post this earlier but my brain's not firing on all cylinders.

Join me today at the [livejournal.com profile] torquere_social (http://torquere-social.livejournal.com/) where I'm going to be chatting about In Darkness Dwells and offering a chance to win a free copy of it! Not to mention all the tasty excerpts I'll be providing!
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Good morning all!

My full-length supernatural detective novel has been released by Torquere Press today! In Darkness Dwells is now available for purchase! Excitement all around!!!

In Darkness Dwells

Rated: M/NC-17/chile pepper
Genre/Category: Supernatural, Mystery, m/m romance

American PI Elias Grimm has just accepted the case of a lifetime: billionaire Baron McPherson's son has died, and his father is sure it's murder. McPherson's offer is worth enough that Elias can finally get Uncle Sam and his ex-wife off his back. Elias travels to Japan, where he finds ancient grudges, the mystical power of a deity, and the equally mysterious Madison Suou, who might hold all the answers Elias needs.

Elias soon learns that the billionaire's son was only one of many victims, and he knows he's ill-equipped to handle a serial killer. Especially one who kills in a manner that can't be explained by modern medicine or science. But the money’s too good to back out, and so is Madison.


I stepped into the shrine and the door closed behind me with a quiet click. I dripped all over the polished floor, watching as twenty or so patrons moved around the room. Lighting candles. Offering prayers. Browsing display cases packed with assorted jewelry, all crafted with silver foxes in some shape or another.

They were elegant creations, similar but with subtle differences. A slightly thickened tail here, rounder ears there. Obviously, each one was handmade and crafted well at that.

Whoever created these works was incredibly talented. I held a brief moment of jealousy, my own hands suited better for destruction.

I reached for one of the charms, drawing it into sight and dragging the thin, delicate chain with it. The fox here had four tails and crouched low to the proverbial ground as though preparing to pounce. The detail in the small charm was exquisite. I could see tufts of hair and groove lines.

“You know, the more tails a kitsune has, the stronger he is. Some even say that the nine-tailed kitsune is entirely omniscient.”

I blinked at the familiar voice and slowly turned, the necklace draped lightly over my fingers.

A face – as familiar as the voice – came into view, as well as the man it belonged to. Though he wasn’t wearing the casual clothes I remembered. Instead, he was dressed in traditional hakama, shitagi and haori – all of them no doubt custom to accommodate his unusual height. Had I ever been struck with the urge to dress in the traditional Japanese clothing, I would have to do the same.

I was struck with how right he looked in this clothing, not at all out of place or uncomfortable. The earthy brown, blue, and green tones highlighted the dark brown of his hair. And he held himself with the confident, refined air of a Japanese businessman. I wondered if he had been born here or if he was more like me – American down to his marrow.

“Madison,” I said tonelessly, inclining my head in greeting as hazel eyes swept over me, too guarded for me to read their intent. “Or should I say Takashi Suou?”

A slow smile curled the other man’s pale lips. I wasn’t sure how I should call him.

“Madison is my American given name, but I wouldn’t make much of a Suou if I used it,” he clarified for me.

“So I see.” I knew his name; it seemed only polite that I offer mine in return. “Elias Grimm.”

Madison – Takashi – bowed shallowly. “What a coincidence that we should meet again,” he said, a hint of a smile curving his lips. A hint of humor and something else, intrigue perhaps.

I half-turned, setting the necklace back in the display case at my direct right. “I don’t believe in coincidences,” I said, ignoring the twitch in my groin at the sight of that half-smirk. I remembered quite vividly how it felt to have him moving against me and I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to experience it again.

But now was not the time. Now was business. And I was pretty sure there was some old adage out there about mixing business with pleasure. No good could come of it.


4.25 out of 5 stars by MandyM
4.25 out of 5 stars by Jessewave

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Description: EliasxMadison. A moment of getting to know one another. (Rated: M)

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Character Highlight Elias Grimm

Any information I forgot, feel free to give me a nudge!
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Booyah! The day draws ever closer to publication and now, I present to you the cover art for my upcoming fic In Darkness Dwells, due to be published by Torquere Press on November 9th! In Darkness Dwells is a slashy paranormal mystery. And here's the very lovely cover art!

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... is complete! Or at least the third draft is. Now is the time that I start crafting the perfect pitch and submitting it to publishers. I'm going to try for Torquere Press first, but if they don't want it, I'll then ship it off to Dreamspinner and that-other-publishing-house-whose-name-escapes-me-at-the-moment. lol. Hopefully, however, it won't come to that.

In the meantime, I've sent it off to a few taste-testers to see how the flavor emerged. *fingers crossed* that it's an improvement. With any luck, I'll have news in a few weeks that it's been accepted for publication and then everyone can read it. Huzzah!

So in celebration, I thought I'd share a teasing snippet. Sound good? This snippet is NSFW. You are warned.
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So, it occurred to me, that sometimes, readers like visuals to accompany descriptions of characters. So, I'm always on the lookout for actors/actresses that resemble characters in my original fiction.

Today, I have three that I have discovered to share with you. I'll bring more soon as I discover them.

Read more... )
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With November 30th right around the corner and my muses refusing to cooperate, now's as good a time as any to validate my word count and mark myself a NaNo winner.

Read more... )
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As promised, today I bring you an update to the word count and a snippet of my NaNo novel, which I was finally able to get started on a week ago. Yep, I'm pretty late to the game. Luckily, I had In Darkness Dwells to boost my word count while access to my notes for Shady Hill was wavering on impossible.

Progress has been proceeding at a steady clip. Today I'm on chapter three and it's moving along swimmingly. I'm quite pleased with the way Shady Hill is turning out actually. It's even better than I could have anticipated.

Today, I bring you an extended description and summary.
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... has been completed!

*waits for applause*

*hears crickets*

Well, I'm excited anyway. Since half of it is still in handwritten form, I'm guesstimating that the whole fic is about 63K in length. Not bad. Now comes the second draft, the revisions, where I factcheck and add some scenes, and rewrite a few others. That should add about 20K.

In order to do all this, though, I'm going to need some advice. Read more... )
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Today I must bring you the regretful news that I won't be offering any more chapters of In Darkness Dwells for your reading enjoyment.

To find out why, read on.... )
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This is a very experimental fic for me, mostly because its in first person POV, something I rarely write (or read for that matter). It is also a supernatural detective novel set in present day, something else that I rarely write because I tend to focus on foreign worlds. But, I love to experiment so let's see how this goes.

I’ve never been to Japan personally, so please forgive me if I get some detail wrong. What knowledge I do have comes from wikipedia and google. Corrections would be appreciated, just make sure to check and see if someone else has pointed out something I’ve gotten wrong.

Warnings for mentions of murder, violence, language, boysmut, angst, etc. I will warn when chapters are NSFW.

Description: American PI Elias Grimm accepts the case of a lifetime when he flies to Japan to investigate the unusual death of a billionaire's son and heir. However, this death isn't the first, and Elias is in over his head. Sometimes, it's better to let some secrets -- and noble grudges -- stay buried.


Because of recent discoveries about what constitutes a "previously unpublished manuscript* and whatnot, I'm unable to continue posting this fic chapter by chapter.

However, I will still offer snippets and excerpts and will link to those through here as I give them out in on the livejournal.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I will be sure to announce the very moment I manage to sell this book to a potential publisher. Thanks so much for the interest!


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