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Title: One-Sided Sympathy
Universe: The Requiem of Janus
Characters: AlcaeusxJanus
Rating: M
Warnings: may contain spoilers for the novel
DescriptionEvery citizen in Thessalia believes that the priests are favored, that their gifts are blessings from the gods. Janus, waking up in agony, knows that this is far, far from the truth.

He should have felt privileged to see Janus so weak. Alcaeus wasn't sure why he didn't.  )
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One more snippet until my release! And tomorrow (or Wednesday) whenever the book comes out, I'll release an excerpt for you guys. But until then, here's another snippet.

Title: Citrus
Universe: The Requiem of Janus, canon
Characters: AlcaeusxJanus
Rating: M
Desc: Alcaeus wants, and he wants without Janus having to verbally goad him

Clicky for the Porn! )
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I bring to you another snippet! I also have more in my arsenal: one that I'm waiting for another editing look at and another that's in the process of being written. Surprisingly, these are coming out a lot faster than I could have expected.


Title: Libra
Universe: The Requiem of Janus, canon
Rating: T
Warnings: Mentions of smut
Description: Alcaeus never sets out to compare and contrast them.

Click to read Libra! )More to come! I hope you enjoyed!

Only six more days!
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Title: Sins of the Father
Universe: The Requiem of Janus. Canon
Characters: Alfred Deham, mentions of others
Rating: G
Description: His intentions had been the best, even as Alfred knows he’ll be reviled for them.

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Only ten more days until The Requiem of Janus is released!
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Title: Marked
Universe: The Requiem of Janus, canon

Characters: AlcaeusxJanus
Rating: M/NC-17
Desc: It almost felt like being claimed, being marked, even though Janus knew Alcaeus would never speak of such a thing.

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Well,  hope you enjoyed! I have more on the way. A piece from Deham's POV and then a longer oneshot that's actually an entire chapter that had to be cut from the final manuscript.

Only fourteen more days until the publication date!
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Title: Crossroads
Universe: Walking Delusions, prequel
Characters: MelathxVincent
Rating: M/NC-17
Warnings: general slavery, bondage, elements of dom/sub, dubious consent
Description: There was little Melath found interesting in this human-possessed world, until a fascinating piece of cattle walked across the stage.

Also, this is self-beta'ed. All mistakes are mine and mine alone.

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