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Princess Serena, daughter of King Elian and Queen Cerise, the Ruling Two of the country of Aldagar, located on the continent of Ghent.

Layla, daughter of Nolan’s Guard, a soldier in training. Her parents are Garrick and Noelle.  

Serena is older than Layla by a couple of years. She has a younger brother. Her father inherited the throne when he came of age, and he has a sister, but she declined the throne. (More to come on royal ascension in a separate post). Serena’s mother is an only child.

Layla, meanwhile, has three siblings – two sisters and a brother – and from one of them, nieces and nephews. Layla is the light of her father’s eye, the only one interested in following in his footsteps. Her father is part of Nolan’s Guard, and her mother works in administration.

They first met in passing, ages ago, when Serena asserted herself against her parents, to refuse their protection. They insisted that if she proved capable of defending herself, she wouldn’t need to keep a guard. Thus, she began to take self-defense classes, one of which was taught by Layla’s eldest brother, and Layla happened to drop by one day, causing them to meet.

Amusingly, Layla hadn’t even recognized Serena. She paid little attention to royalty or nobility and therefore barely knew what the Ruling Two looked like and didn’t even know the names of their heirs. She only noticed Serena because she was hilariously clumsy, but had the most beautiful head of hair.

Friendship came first. It later evolved to more…


Aug. 15th, 2010 09:05 am
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Good morning!

This is just a fly-by announcement to let everyone know I'll be hosting Torquere Press' livejournal today. I'll have a chance to win a free copy of "The Requiem of Janus" as well as offer a sexy excerpt of the novel.

Stop by and say hello!

That link is here >> http://community.livejournal.com/torquere_social/

Hope to see you there!
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So, yesterday was Ask the Author day on the Torquere Social list, and I was the one in the hotseat. Since many of you aren't members of said social list, I thought I'd go ahead and post that informal Q&A here if anyone was interested in reading it. I've put each question in italics, with my answer following it.

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