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Rating: M
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Description: Anne is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary imagination. But as the lines between reality and fantasy blur in a world where what she sees is shaped by her own secret desires, Anne must learn what -- and who -- to trust, before losing herself entirely.

Warnings: Language, Sexuality (m/m and m/f), violence, character death, dubious consent

Author's Note:

This is a messy, first-person dark, erotic fantasy. It cannot be easily categorized or explained. It's the result of writing a free fiction -- one where I attacked an idea without an extensive plot or even an idea of where it was going. From day one, I set out to write and see where the characters would take. It's been edited once since I wrote it three years ago, but it's still not as polished as I would like. My goals are to rewrite the entire fic and self-publish it, as it is so unusual I don't think I can find a publisher who'd accept it.

I must give ample warning for this piece. There are scenes of torture, though at the time of writing it, I chickened out and only briefly described them. There are also scenes of consensual sex between men, and even a threesome (m/m/f) that has dubious consent and references to heterosexual sex. Foul language abounds, and there are strong scenes of violence and vampirism.

Read at caution.

At present, the chapters can only be read at The Den of Debauchery, my personal website. The writing is several years old and I'm about halfway through the re-write, re-edit. As I polish the chapters, I will post them on my blog and link them here.

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Crossroads. Complete. Oneshot. Prequel. Rated: M. There was little that Melath found interesting in this human-possessed world, until a fascinating piece of cattle walked across the stage.

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Title: Crossroads
Universe: Walking Delusions, prequel
Characters: MelathxVincent
Rating: M/NC-17
Warnings: general slavery, bondage, elements of dom/sub, dubious consent
Description: There was little Melath found interesting in this human-possessed world, until a fascinating piece of cattle walked across the stage.

Also, this is self-beta'ed. All mistakes are mine and mine alone.

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Walking Delusions is the result of writing without an outline, without direction, depending entirely upon muses, and the whims of an emotional rollercoaster. I started it in the middle of a fight with depression, and used my emotions to fuel the writing. It is acerbic and dark, with no boundaries. There is sex and death, questions about existence, wandering between reality and fantasy, and a dubious ending. It doesn't apologize and it doesn't ask for understanding. And despite it's less than coherent arrangement, and lack of professional effort, it remains one of my more popular stories. I'll never understand that.
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