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n_wilkinson ([personal profile] n_wilkinson) wrote2016-03-01 09:37 am
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Marching into March

February was a ship tossed on a stormy seas that crashed against the rocks. XD. It was full of RL madness that kept me sitting down in front of the computer with no words to find. Alas.

But hey, A Royal Pursuit, was published so it wasn't a total loss. Wahoo!

I still resolve that March will be better. A lot of distractions that I endured in February are gone, and now I can sit down and focus and get things done. Time to put the game face on.

Things to Write: 

~Commissions take precedence. I will focus on those first.
~In Darkness Dwells revision
~Update the website

Things to Post: 

~Break of Day, Part Two, Chapter Four
~Shady Hill, Chapter Four
~Erland, Prisoner of Conscience, Chapter Seven
~At least one ficlet a week for one of my fic universes

Hopefully, once I get the revisions to IDD out of the way, I can focus on new content in April. *fingers crossed*

Until then, my lovelies! Questions about ongoing series are always welcome. ^_^