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Jun. 1st, 2016 07:06 pm
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I've been thinking about goals for myself for this month, and I'm just so... disheartened by my original fic that I couldn't think of a single thing but despair so I think for June I'm just going to sit back and re-evaluate what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and if doing this is making me happier, or if it's starting to feel like a noose.

I don't know what I need to do yet, but this month will be a good chance to figure it out.

Hopefully, July will see me more.. jubilant?

*fingers crossed*
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Time. I need more of it. -gnaws on watch-

So much to do. So little time.

Goals for May are just one singular focus. In Darkness Dwells. I have put off the revisions of this for too long because by golly. I hate revising. It's so tedious. But it must be done, and so I will do it. I'm not going to meet my June publishing goal at this rate. But August is a lot more doable. So do it I shall.

Also, once I get the print copies of the Twisted Fables Anthology from Torquere Press, I will be hosting a massive giveaway with fic prizes, open-fic prizes, and gift cards! So keep an eye out for that. I don't know when those will be arriving, so I can't give a more certain date or if it will even be this month, but that IS coming.

-game face on-

Let's get this drafting party started.

-rolls up sleeves-

As always. Feel free to ask about anything else I have in progress. I'll try to pepper the month with snippets from In Darkness Dwells to help tide ya over while I'm quiet. :)
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March is a month best left forgotten. On to something better and new and maybe more successful in April, yes? I'm biting off way more than I can chew, so time to narrow down the list, yeah? 

My main goals for April are to try and contact at least twenty book reviewers to see if I can get some feedback on my self-published books. I also want to poke at the revisions to In Darkness Dwells. I want to update two stories at the very least this month, post one character highlight, and have an Ask the Author day. I want to try and post some short fics as well.

Plans! I have them!

We're going to play April nice and casual.

Questions about anything I haven't mentioned? Feel free to ask! ^_^
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February was a ship tossed on a stormy seas that crashed against the rocks. XD. It was full of RL madness that kept me sitting down in front of the computer with no words to find. Alas.

But hey, A Royal Pursuit, was published so it wasn't a total loss. Wahoo!

I still resolve that March will be better. A lot of distractions that I endured in February are gone, and now I can sit down and focus and get things done. Time to put the game face on.

Things to Write: 

~Commissions take precedence. I will focus on those first.
~In Darkness Dwells revision
~Update the website

Things to Post: 

~Break of Day, Part Two, Chapter Four
~Shady Hill, Chapter Four
~Erland, Prisoner of Conscience, Chapter Seven
~At least one ficlet a week for one of my fic universes

Hopefully, once I get the revisions to IDD out of the way, I can focus on new content in April. *fingers crossed*

Until then, my lovelies! Questions about ongoing series are always welcome. ^_^
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November was kind of a bust. Between NaNo, working more hours, and trying to keep up with RL drama, I didn't get half of what I wanted done accomplished, but that's okay.

I am pulling back a little on the frequent posting. Mostly because I need time to write.

But December? 

Is all about In Darkness Dwells. My goal is to get the revisions complete so I can send it off to my grammar editor and get it prepped for publication in 2016. I already have the cover art, and I'll be sharing that at some point in December.

I'll try and update a couple things, along with sharing my 100-word ficlets that are on my tumblr, too.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? You know what to do. :)
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New month. New goals. How did October fare? Ehhh. I don't wanna talk about it. Got some stuff done, not as much as I'd like, but Real Life intervened in a lot of ways. But that's okay because now it's November and that means NaNoWriMo. Wahoo! I plan on alternating between my two fics, Here and There (a time-traveling m/m romance with rock fairies) and Flights of Fancy (a collection of short stories featuring a new take on Harpies that features a one-gender species in pairs and poly relationships).

And also, November goals. So here they are. :)

To Do: 
  1. NaNoWriMo Novel
  2. Edit and Send off my F/F Fractured Fairy Tale story
  3. Begin Revisions of In Darkness Dwells
To Post: 
  1. War of the Animum The Road to Ruin - Chapter
  2. Prisoner of Conscience Chapter Six
  3. Shady Hill Chapter Three
  4. Break of Day Part Two - Chapter Three

Flash Fic Friday is on November 13th, Real Life willing. So that's November in a Nutshell.

Good luck to everyone NaNo-ing this year! ^_^
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September went a LOT better than I expected. I met all but one of my goals so I'm going to consider that a success! Which means I'm racing into October feeling a lot more excited about the universe. \o/

What's on tap, you might wonder? Well. Here's what I plan on working on the most, with great emphasis on the revision of my original novel In Darkness Dwells so I can hopefully get that published before the year is out. *fingers crossed*

Writing On Deck: 
  1. Revise In Darkness Dwells
  2. Edit In Darkness Dwells
  3. Add four chapters to Reign/Salvage
  4. Finish Rodimus/Starscream, Play By Numbers by half
  5. Finish Original F/F Short Story for Anthology
  6. Complete two chapters of The Art of Self Destruction
  7. Begin working on my website rebuild
  8. Finish Bluestreak/Jazz oneshot
  9. Pick my NaNoWriMo fic.
And of real interest, the Posting On Deck:
  1. Marry Me, chapters 9-12
  2. Oubliette, chapter 9-13
  3. Cygate Gift Fic
  4. Critical Mass, Chapter Fourteen
  5. Truth in Advertising, chapters 17 and 18
  6. Despicable Me, chapter one
  7. Give It a Whirl, Sunstreaker/Whirl oneshot
I'm also going to work very heavily on any commissions I might get (or have!) as those take precedence. I got bills to pay after all. ^_^ More posting includes the rest of the flash fics I have. No, there won't be a FFF in October, but there will be one in November to help me boost my NaNo word count.

And that's it for October. Questions about any of my ongoing fics are currently welcome, especially if all you want to do is poke me about the status of them. ^_^
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August... had its ups and downs. In terms of goals, I accomplished about a third of them, which is disappointing. Other things were disappointing, too, but I shall persevere. At least I did manage to post almost everything I intended to post, including a few things that I didn't realize I was going to post. I also had to skip Flash Fiction Friday, which was a bummer, but maybe I can bring it back this month.

So we are Steadfast in September, going to keep trying to make my goals and meet my dreams. You'll probably notice that my goals this month are lacking a little in fanfiction work. I really do have to focus on original fic and commissions. As much as I love writing fanfiction, I do need to pay bills and eat so I need to focus on what brings in money.

  1. Publish Original Novella The Finer Points of Thievery
  2. Complete two chapters of War of the Animum's Quisling
  3. Complete four chapters of my ongoing commission fic "Salvage"
  4. Complete two updates for "Truth in Advertising"
  5. Transfer Original Commission The Pendant-Maker to the computer and edit for posting
  6. Dictate the revision plan for Aftermath
  7. Read through and make notes on In Darkness Dwells for future publication

Phew. Busy times ahead! And here's what's coming in terms of updates: 

  1. Numerology, Tenth Standard -- The Last Chapter!
  2. Critical Mass Chapter Thirteen
  3. Marry Me Chapters Five-Eight
  4. Oubliette Chapters Five-Eitht
  5. The Wicked Game - Defiance 'Verse
  6. Give it a Whirl (IDW Sunstreaker/Whirl)
  7. War of the Animum - The Road to Ruin chapter five
  8. Prisoner of Conscience chapter four
  9. NEW FIC - Shady Hill Chapter one
  10. The Break of Day, Part Two, Chapter One

I plan to bring Flash Fiction Friday back on September 11th, my part-time job and other responsibilities willing. September is a pretty busy month and I really need to make some sales so we'll play it by ear.

Phew. Think that's everything! There's a lot on my plate but I hope I can fit it around my cookie decorating time. :)

Questions about a fic I haven't mentioned are always welcome.

Thank you to everyone, new and old, who has ever read and reviewed and rated and commented on my stories. Your support is all that's getting me through some of these days. I really appreciate each and every one of you. ^_^
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*rubs hands together* Okay! Let’s get this show on the road.

What’s on tap for August? Getting everything ready for the big reveal in September!

What’s that, you ask? It’s when I set a schedule and stick to it. Four guaranteed free fic updates. Ask the Author days! Fan Art Highlight days! Character Highlight days! INTERACTION. It’s gonna be a blast. But I’ve got to get everything ready for it first which is why it’s not starting until September.

Oh, August is still gonna be plenty of active though.

I’ll mainly be focusing my efforts on The Finer Points of Thievery which is a prequel/introductory story to War of the Animum and will be available for purchase as soon as I get my cover art sorted out and I give it a nice, clean edit through. I’m also going to be working on Quisling, which is the next part of War of the Animum after The Road to Ruin.

I’ll be editing through Prisoner of Conscience/Best Intentions, my Erland duology that I intend to pick up on offering as a free read in August.

I’m going to be continuing my efforts in Fugue of Shadows, which is the sequel to The Requiem of Janus (which starting next month I’ll be re-drafting for a re-release).

And there’ll be other stuff, too. I’ll be posting on here little fics and niblets and treats and reblogging writing advice and inspirational stuff and whatever else I can come up with that I hope is interesting.


Stay tuned! ;)

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So June sucked. I'm going to title July as Jubilant as a form of optimism. I didn't get a single thing finished in June except for what I planned to post. That's just... disheartening. But! July will be better. *fingers crossed*

Here's what's on tap.
  • Complete Swerve/Ultra Magnus Commission
  • Continued working on my longfic Commission "Oubliette"
  • Ratchet/Twins oneshot in the Number One Crush series
  • Bluestreak/Jazz BDSM Oneshot
  • Two chapters of Quisling
New commissions I might get will be prioritized before personal projects of course. I have four slots open. Those Terms and Conditions are here.

These are the updates you can expect for sure: 
  • Critical Mass Chapter 11
  • Numerology -- Eighth Wonder
  • Apple A Day 18 -- Personal Experience
  • Win-Win (A Sides/Sunny fluffy ficlet)
  • Training Day, commission piece
  • Forgetting is a Harder Fight (sequel to Survivor's Guilt)
  • Despicable Me Chapter 1 (Once Burned series)
Flash Fiction Friday will be July 10th so mark your calendars. :)

As always, feel free to ask me about the progress of any story I haven't mentioned. Happy July!

Jaunty June

Jun. 1st, 2015 08:51 am
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How is it June already? Do you realize we're almost halfway done with the year??? Sheesh.

Anyway, May started with a whimper but ended with a bang. Wahoo! I finished not one but two of my yearly goals which now puts me ahead a month. Go me!

So let's keep that momentum rolling into June. What do I have planned? First, Flash Fic Friday is June 12th so mark your calendars! Secondly:

  • Quisling, next series part of War of the Animum
  • Continued working on my long fic commission, "Oubliette"
  • Bluestreak/Jazz BDSM oneshot
  • Jazz's POV Dear Lies Piece
  • Knock Out/Smokescreen oneshot, sequel to "Seasons to Cycles"

Of course, I'll also be putting any commissions I might get ahead of the pack. I don't have any right now, but if you'd like to commission me, here are the Terms and Conditions.

In the meantime, expect these updates (plus anything else I might happen to bang out) for your reading pleasure!

  • Critical Mass Chapter 10
  • Insoluble Part VII (Final part before sequel)
  • Numerology 07 - Seventh Heaven
  • Apple a Day 17 - Exclusive Rights
  • Art of Self Destruction Ch 16 - Old Friends
  • Win-Win (A Sides/Sunny fluffy ficlet)
  • War Without End Epilogue - Ratchet's POV

And as always, feel free to ask about any fic I haven't mentioned to see the current status of it.


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