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You've reached the blog and archive of Nicole Wilkinson. Here you'll find access to her published works. Click around, explore a little, leave a comment if you like. The links to the left will take you to related websites.

My writing is intended for mature individuals. It can contain at any moment: graphic violence, graphic language, and graphic sex. It is recommended that only readers of age in their country of origin view the content here-in.
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To coincide with my hiatus, I have officially removed all of the titles I have for sale from both Createspace and Amazon. It may take a couple days for the titles to fully come down, but if after a week, you see "The Seeker", "Monster" or "The Finer Points of Thievery" for sale as a new title, it's not from me and someone has stolen my work.

I am also in the process of closing the website http://nicolewilkinsonwrites.com. This is because it is a paid website and I can't afford that right now. I am looking into free options, but copying and pasting and formatting will take some time. When I do get it open, I will post the details of the new website here, if someone is actually interested in reading all the free works.

Until then, most of my free works are still here on dreamwidth and War for the Animum is still available on Archive of Our Own.

Thank you for understanding.
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Still on hiatus, but I did want to let everyone know I have deleted the livejournal version of this blog, but don't worry, because everything is still archived here on Dreamwidth. Thanks!


Feb. 28th, 2017 07:47 pm
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Wow. Last post was in August 2016. I guess coming out and officially saying that I'm on Hiatus is kind of redundant, huh? ^_^

Anyway, things being that they are, I am currently putting this blog on hiatus, along with all of my fics, twitter, and tumblr.

I'm suffering from a rather debilitating writer's block, and that combined with recent major changes IRL, I don't have the energy to pour into this venture right now. I could go into further detail, I suppose, but I don't want to complain or sound ungrateful and no one owes me anything, much less attention. So let's just leave it at: I'm really uninspired right now, I don't have the energy to motivate myself, nor do I have the personal fortitude to keep trying something that's not working right now.

So. Hiatus for now. I don't know when I'll be back. I'm not going to delete my works. I'm not putting anything up for adoption or sale. I'm just taking several steps back and away, trying to do something other than fret over all the progress I'm not making. Maybe a hiatus will be enough to revitalize, maybe not. I just don't know. I'll try to pop in now and again just for a little wave and a little 'I'm not dead but still on hiatus' type thing.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far, and I'm sorry to leave you with so many incomplete works and cliffhangers, and all the disappointment that brings.

Quick side note:: I will be taking down all of my published works on March 31st, 2017, so if you were looking to purchase something, please do so by then. Also, my publisher for A Royal Pursuit went out of business, so please don't buy that anywhere unless you buy it directly from me. I am not and have not received any royalties for that short.

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a/n: This update is for and thanks to @mistfox_87 who took the time out of their day to tell me how much they enjoyed this story, which rejuvenated my attempts to work on it. Thank you so much!

Title: Quisling
Series: War of the Animum, Eighth Story
Summary: Questions upon questions. The company travels to Lesoth in a desperate bid to learn the truth behind Balaam's betrayal, and how they must stop him. Meanwhile, Sleet learns some disturbing truths about Frost's plans for the world, and for Sleet himself.

Chapter One
Whose side do you really want to be on? My other seems to think you're one of us, but I'm not sure. I'm not sure at all. )

Just June

Jun. 1st, 2016 07:06 pm
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I've been thinking about goals for myself for this month, and I'm just so... disheartened by my original fic that I couldn't think of a single thing but despair so I think for June I'm just going to sit back and re-evaluate what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and if doing this is making me happier, or if it's starting to feel like a noose.

I don't know what I need to do yet, but this month will be a good chance to figure it out.

Hopefully, July will see me more.. jubilant?

*fingers crossed*
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Time. I need more of it. -gnaws on watch-

So much to do. So little time.

Goals for May are just one singular focus. In Darkness Dwells. I have put off the revisions of this for too long because by golly. I hate revising. It's so tedious. But it must be done, and so I will do it. I'm not going to meet my June publishing goal at this rate. But August is a lot more doable. So do it I shall.

Also, once I get the print copies of the Twisted Fables Anthology from Torquere Press, I will be hosting a massive giveaway with fic prizes, open-fic prizes, and gift cards! So keep an eye out for that. I don't know when those will be arriving, so I can't give a more certain date or if it will even be this month, but that IS coming.

-game face on-

Let's get this drafting party started.

-rolls up sleeves-

As always. Feel free to ask about anything else I have in progress. I'll try to pepper the month with snippets from In Darkness Dwells to help tide ya over while I'm quiet. :)
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Genre: M/M Romance, SciFi Urban Fantasy
Series: Part of the Synesthesia universe (not required reading)

Jasper doesn't like complications. But he's the Repel for the leader of Rhapsody, and his lover is the clade's computer tech, Sander. Wrapped up in that is the uneasy truce between the clades, Utara's ever growing madness, and the realization that the Norms aren't all that happy with peace. And nothing about any of that is simple. Damn.

Shady Hill
Chapter Four

Jasper should be angry. He should be annoyed and disappointed, but all that Jasper could manage was a dull, throbbing hurt.  )
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March is a month best left forgotten. On to something better and new and maybe more successful in April, yes? I'm biting off way more than I can chew, so time to narrow down the list, yeah? 

My main goals for April are to try and contact at least twenty book reviewers to see if I can get some feedback on my self-published books. I also want to poke at the revisions to In Darkness Dwells. I want to update two stories at the very least this month, post one character highlight, and have an Ask the Author day. I want to try and post some short fics as well.

Plans! I have them!

We're going to play April nice and casual.

Questions about anything I haven't mentioned? Feel free to ask! ^_^
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Title: The Break of Day
Infinity's End, Prequel
Summary: A friendship that takes everyone by surprise slowly evolves into a deeper bond as Azriel, illegitimate son of the house Celestine, and Kieran, heir to the house Azura, throw themselves into the heart of a building altercation that explodes into an all out revolution.

Part Two: Chapter Four


The last gasp of Autumn was upon them.  )
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Title: Prisoner of Conscience
Series: Erland, Book One (War of the Animum universe)
Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Warnings: graphic violence, character death
Summary: The maris are born and bred to be warriors, hungry for any challenge. For Erland, however, the thrill of battle is dulled by its lack of purpose. When a simple patrol becomes an ambush, Erland makes a choice that goes against everything he's been taught, and the consequences are worse than he could have ever imagined.

Chapter Seven
Every heavy step was a step closer to home.  )
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February was a ship tossed on a stormy seas that crashed against the rocks. XD. It was full of RL madness that kept me sitting down in front of the computer with no words to find. Alas.

But hey, A Royal Pursuit, was published so it wasn't a total loss. Wahoo!

I still resolve that March will be better. A lot of distractions that I endured in February are gone, and now I can sit down and focus and get things done. Time to put the game face on.

Things to Write: 

~Commissions take precedence. I will focus on those first.
~In Darkness Dwells revision
~Update the website

Things to Post: 

~Break of Day, Part Two, Chapter Four
~Shady Hill, Chapter Four
~Erland, Prisoner of Conscience, Chapter Seven
~At least one ficlet a week for one of my fic universes

Hopefully, once I get the revisions to IDD out of the way, I can focus on new content in April. *fingers crossed*

Until then, my lovelies! Questions about ongoing series are always welcome. ^_^
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The Mimickers
A Royal Pursuit

Part of the 'Twisted Fables' Anthology

A Royal Pursuit Cover photo aroyalpursuit510_zpsve0m9qvq.jpg

Series: Set in The Mimickers Universe
Genre: F/F Romance, Fantasy, Erotica
Rating: M
Warnings: sexual content, fantasy typical violence

Price: $2.49 from Torquere


It's time for The Reverence, and this year's challenge is for those brave or foolish enough to enter. It's a chance, however. For fortune and fame. For something else. For one of Cel'li's boons.

Layla knows it's her golden opportunity. Tired of keeping her relationship with Princess Serena to the shadows, this is a chance worth taking. With such a prize, no one can deny their bond. It's the best hope she has for the future. Even if it means risking everything.


Layla walked into the ring when she was called, holding her head up high, her hand resting on the hilt of her sword. Alistair was already waiting, one arm wrapped in bandages and several rips in his clothing. At least he hadn't come away unscathed either. 

This was little reassurance. 

Alistair was a head and half taller than her. He had a better reach, he was stronger, and he moved awfully quick for someone so bulky. 

Layla was outclassed in every way. Yet, she refused to forfeit. If she ended up defeated, she would go down having given it her all. 

“You are not quite the challenger I expected,” Alistair said with a lazy rake of her body. Weighing and dismissing her, all at once. 

Layla fought down a shiver of disgust. “You are the worst of what I expected,” she retorted.

She drew her sword and leveled it at him. 

He snickered and drew his own, the long, thin blade designed for agility. Compared to her heavier hand and a half, they were ill-matched to duel. 

The announcer finished introducing them. Layla planted her feet. She knew Alistair's type. He would attack first. 

The gong sounded. 

Alistair launched himself at her with a showy, spinning move. Layla ducked under it and whipped into a half-turn, lashing at him with a boot. She kicked the back of one thigh, but he was already moving and absorbed the blow. He spun again, sword whistling through the air, and she gasped, raising her sword to block. 

Metal rang against metal. 

The crowd erupted into cheers.


None at this time.

~Other Fics from The Twisted Fables Anthology~

The Dragon's Gift by Angora Shade

Bottom of the River by Samantha Kate

Piper's Fall by Angelique Voisen

No Longer Sleeping by Jamie Lowe

Treasure Hunt by Shira Glassman

The Pricking of Tom Thumb by Lynn Townsend

Devouring Red by Asta Idonea

To Kiss a Frog by Kay C. Sulli

Char by T. Strange

Crashing Wake by Jamie Lowe

Rumpled Sheets by Sheri Verlarde

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Twisted Fables - $5.49

This collection of revamped fairytales is certain to entice and excite your senses. From Cinderella to Red Riding Hood, Twisted Fables takes you on a journey through the many fairytale worlds with a sensual twist. 

These twelve stories are penned by both seasoned scribes and new authors; the anthology provides readers with the perfect opportunity to explore offerings from their favorite storytellers as well as find a new favorite or two. 

Containing M/M and F/F stories from authors Angora Shade, Samantha Kate, Angelique Voisen, Jamie Lowe, Shira Glassman, Lynn Townsend, Asta Idonea, Kay C Sulli, T Strange, Sheri Velarde, and Nicole Wilkinson, Twisted Fables is sure to have something for the fantasy lover.

Twisted Fables will soon be available on Amazon in print. That link coming soon!

A Royal Pursuit $2.49

It’s time for The Reverence, and this year’s challenge is for those brave or foolish enough to enter. It’s a chance, however. For fortune and fame. For something else. For one of Cel'li’s boons.

Layla knows it’s her golden opportunity. Tired of keeping her relationship with Princess Serena to the shadows, this is a chance worth taking. With such a prize, no one can deny their bond. It’s the best hope she has for the future. Even if it means risking everything.

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~Serena actually loves wearing the fancy dresses she's been trained to drape around her body. Layla loves them on her, too. She especially loves to let her hand slide up Serena's leg beneath the fabric.

~Layla enjoys bondage, but Serena loves to serve. She is happiest when Layla is squirming beneath her, singing her praises. Even better when Layla tells her in the most wicked of tones, what it is she needs to do.

~Layla is a morning person and an early riser. She loves to get up right before sunrise, and her favorite time of day is a crisp morning.

~Serena only rises before noon if she's forced to be somewhere. If roused too early, she can be quite grumpy. She's a night owl, at her perkiest around midnight.

~Layla loves the stars. She's memorized all the constellations.

~Serena knows how to sew, and crochets when she's angry to calm herself down.

~Layla eats when she's stressed.

~Layla is afraid of spiders, much to Serena's amusement. Serena, meanwhile, is deathly afraid of water deeper than her hips. She never learned to swim.

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They never speak of marriage, of the laws that stand against them.

Serena, however, knows Layla is the one. The moment it settles in her heart, she starts to dig through old texts. She looks for loopholes. Opportunities.

There has to be a way.

She takes meetings with the brightest minds in Aldagar. She asks every man and woman who claims to be an expert in law or tradition.

They all come to a sobering consensus: nothing can be done under the current laws.

It is the "current" which captures her attention.

Laws can be changed. It requires effort and dedication. Fortunately, Serena has both. Right now, she and Layla still have time.

They've yet to speak of marriage, but if and when they do, Serena wants to be able to have that option. She wants to take Layla into her arms, smile, and whisper 'yes.'

Or even be the one who drops down to one knee. Because Layla is worth it.

She's the one.

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Layla, as it turns out, loves bondage. It’s a surprise to her as much as it is to Serena.

But the first time Serena pins her down enough that Layla can’t move, she outright moans. It turns her on, makes her immediately wet, though she can’t put her finger on why.

The next time they have more than a stolen moment in a storage room, Layla brings with her a handful of knitted scarves. For the first time, she’s embarrassed to ask for something. Her face burns and she can’t meet Serena’s eyes.

Serena, however, only smiles and takes the scarves with evident curiosity.

“Tie you up?” she repeats and her lips curve with sheer delight. “It sounds like fun.”

Layla blinks. “You’re sure?”

Serena steps close and loops one scarf over Layla’s body like a lasso, reeling her in.

“Absolutely,” she purrs. “Something tells me we’re both going to enjoy this indulgence.”

Layla shivers, her insides quivering. “Thank you.”

“Oh.” Serena nuzzles into her throat with a warm exhalation. “It’ll be my pleasure.

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~Layla likes to snuggle, but Serena hates excess heat. They may start the night cuddling, but eventually, Layla rolls into a blanket burrito, and Serena sprawls out on top of what’s left of the covers.

~Layla is the more sexually experienced of the two, with both male and female lovers in the past, but Serena is an eager study. She has only had female partners.

~Serena says ‘I love you’ first, a quiet confession during a tender moment. It’s several months later when Layla blurts it out in return, over a public lunch, and during an unfortunate, if not hilarious, lull in the dull roar of surrounding conversation.

~They have spent at least one nigh in every inn, bed and breakfast, or hostel in Aldagar. Some they have frequented enough that they have a favorite room.

~In the Spring, the peak of flower season, Layla snores. She also sneezes like a horse.

~Layla enjoys watching Serena apply her make up for official functions, but rejects wearing any herself. She doesn’t have the patience and refuses to let Serena’s handmaidens help her.

~Serena is a messy crier. It’s a good thing she doesn’t do so often, because her face turns splotchy, tears go everywhere, and her nose runs.

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Serena can’t dance.

She enjoys music and has been forced to learn many instruments, but she has no rhythm.

That doesn’t stop her from trying.

Whenever they attend one of the street festivals, Serena is the first to hike up her skirts and wriggle about. She often takes Layla’s hand and drags her out into the crowd, too. Not that Layla can dance either.

It’s not about skill though. It’s about having fun, laughing and dancing after they’ve had their fill of fruit pies and hibiscus tea.

They share kisses when they dance close, Serena and her citrus tartlets, Layla and her boysenberry puffs.

Serena’s cheeks flush. She pulls her hair into a messy bun on top of her head. Dangling brass earrings jangle as she swings her body in tight circles.

Layla prays that she doesn’t trip again.

Then again, Layla does so enjoy catching her before she falls.

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who buys the things in infomercials

Layla is definitely the impulse buyer of the two. She knows how to manage her money, but she keeps what she calls “impulse coin” for the things here and there that catch her eye. Especially if shiny or new.

who draws in the dust on their cars

Serena. Bath fog in the mirrors. Frost on the windows. Dust on the desktop. She often idly draws designs with her fingertips while lost in thought.

who starts the snowball fights

Layla. Always Layla. She loves a good challenge, she loves to have fun, and even though Serena’s aim is better than hers, she can’t make a decent snowball, so they are evenly matched.

who throws away the directions to things

Layla. She thinks they can figure it out on their own. Just wing it. Serena prefers to have something to fall back on just in case, or you know, do it right the first time.

who puts up holiday décor

Both of them. Serena has a keen eye for interior design, another something she was raised to know, but Layla gets really excited for holidays and has set times when the decorations must go out to get them in the spirit.

who is more likely to forget to bathe

Layla. It’s less likely that she forgot to bathe, as it is she gets to the end of the day, realizes she hasn’t bathed yet, and is too tired to go through the effort of doing so and saves it for the next day. Or the day after that.

who gets more obsessed about things

I wouldn’t say obsessed is the right word, but once Serena gets focused on something important, there’s little that can deter or distract her.

who sings in the shower more often

Serena hums, but Layla sings, sometimes in tune, sometimes not. If they’re bathing together, and have the time, they might indulge in a duet or two.



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