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Nycthemeron is done! Yay! All I have to do now is edit and post for your reading pleasure. :)

I've decided that hand-writing novel next on the list will be Shady Hill, if only so that I can mark it complete and get to working on the next draft.

Break of Day, Part II is my NaNo choice but if it proves that it doesn't want to play ball, I may change my mind halfway through. But for now, Part II here I come!

If anyone else is particpating in NaNoWriMo 2013, you can friend me. I'm dracoqueen22 on there.

n_wilkinson: (day of reckoning)
As I work on building my profile and my fics, I've finally managed to come to some decisions. :)

For NaNoWriMo, I will be focusing on Break of Day, Part Two. Huzzah!

I will be editing/tweaking/smoothing out Aftermath and I will be self-publishing that in 2014. Yay!

And I will be editing, re-drafting, and seeking beta/editors for Synesthesia, and that I will start submitting to agents/publishers, etc in 2014 as well. Moving on up!

My new fic finally has a title: East of Eden. This will be my first ever pure romance. I'm excited about it!

I'm a few pages short of finishing Nycthemeron. Great news! Now I just have to pick which book I intend to work on by hand-writing next. So many decisions.


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