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a/n: Continuing my tradition of small ficlets to pass the time, I now bring three ficlets set in the War of the Animum universe. I know that I really need to update Wolf in the Fold and I promise that it's not been abandoned. I plan on spending time just sitting down and WRITING this thing the first chance I get. But I've got a laundry list of stories that I'm working on.

Song: "Alice," Avril Lavigne
Character: Frost, canon, pre-Darkness Descends
Warnings: None

There's something out there, beyond his worldly ambitions.  )

Song: "Firework," Katy Perry
Character: Mira (upcoming character), canon, post Wolf in the Fold
Warnings: None, hints to nonexplicit noncon

She remembers the fireflies.  )

Song: "Love Hate Heartbreak," Halestorm
Characters: Sleet POV, Frost/Sleet, Canon, during Wolf in the Fold
Warnings: NSFW, slash, porn

His decision-making has always been more than a little skewed.  )
a/n: Hopefully these will whet your appetite while I try and work on getting some stuff finished.

Feedback is love!
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a/n: I like to write just before I go to bed. I come up with the strangest things that way. Plus, it's fun to do it longhand. My very best friend likes to buy me these cute notebooks, and I like to fill them up. *laughs* 

So, one of the things I do, is put on my mp3 player, and write for the length of a song, and let about three songs play. So.... here's three of them! I did nothing to these but tidy up the grammar and finish up some incomplete sentences. Some may give birth to longer fics. Time shall tell.

Featured fandoms today: Synesthesia and Shady Hill

Coheed and Cambria – Wake Up
Synesthesia, Ethan POV, implied JaidenxEthan, Not Canon At All

Ethan, realizing some truths.  )

Madonna – The Power of Goodbye
Shady Hill, SanderxJasper, Canon, Spoilers for event near end of fic. Read at own risk.

Sander feeling useless.  )Kisuke, learning how to be badass.  )


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