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a/n: Another update to A Thousand Words. This one, in particular, is a fic owed to a hit count winner and it's about time. Also, I've edited it twice, but there may be some grammatical errors still. Apologies in advance.

Title: Of Wolf and Man
Series: A Thousand Words
Warning: m/m erotica , language, oral, handjob, self-service, May-December pairing
Description: Flesh appeases Ladon's hunger, but Geryon asks for something more enticing. Rue learns this lesson the hard way.

Snapshot IX - Of Wolf and Man

Rue waits. There's nthing more he can do than watch, which is perhaps the most agonizing part of any mentorship.  )
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Shake the Eight and Celebrate

The Eight Ball will help celebrate our eighth anniversary here at Torquere Press! Join us for the celebration!

We're having a reader scavenger hunt with weekly gift basket prizes and a grand prize (this year, a brand-new 3G Kindle along with a CD of stories from each participating author), plus daily prizes of gift certificates to show our appreciation to you -- our readers! Check our blog, http://glbtromance.blogspot.com/ where we'll have a number of our authors visiting the whole month. We'll post excerpts, hang out to chat, and talk about our stories.

In addition to the grand prize of the Kindle, we're giving away gift baskets every week! Some are silly, some are smutty, and all are fun. The themed ones are: m/m, ménage, BDSM, and lesbian plus our authors have chipped in with extra goodies.

Here's how to play. Visit our contest page, http://www.torquerebooks.com/contest/contactmain.html, and start scavenging for the Eight Ball answers. Visit the author pages and find the graphic somewhere on their site. An online form is set up, and we'll randomly choose a winner for the Kindle from all of the correct entries. Plus, every day, readers will have the chance to win a Torquere gift certificate and a gift basket.

Help us celebrate our eighth anniversary and ask the Eight Ball your question… Like, will I win a prize from Torquere Press?

Thanks, and have fun playing.
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 a/n: Please READ the warnings. That's all I ask.

Title: Looking Glass
Genre: Horror, Short Story
Warnings: mentions of m/m erotica, mindfuck, gore, character death, m/f romance, NSFW, darkfic, angst
Description: Devon will never understand it. There's no sense to it. No rhyme or reason. None at all.
Dedication: For [livejournal.com profile] sarshi_k , who was the 7777th hit on my website, the Den of Debauchery, and won this fic.

Inspired by “Looking Glass,” by The Birthday Massacre.

A boyish notion of false emotion. These words are spoken, despite my love. A fool's devotion was set in motion. )
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To [livejournal.com profile] sarshi_k , who nabbed the 7777th hit on Draco's Den of Debauchery, my personal archive of all my original fiction. She's challenged me with quite the interesting fic idea that's already got my muses stirring, so I should have a new short story for your perusal within a couple months. It's guaranteed to make ya shiver! 

That means that the 8000th hit is right around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled and try to be the lucky visitor to nab 8000 on the hit counter. The winner has a choice between a copy of one of my novels or an original fic of your choosing (your own plot or an addendum to one of my series, take your pick).

Congratulations, Sarshi!
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Good evening everyone!

I know I promised to post the winners yesterday, but RL intervened in the form of a close-open shift back-to-back. I didn't have time to sleep much less post, so today I announce the winners. 

Congratulations to [livejournal.com profile] mistress_pirate  who scored the free copy of any one of my three novels, and [livejournal.com profile] hockeyiris , who scored the Amazon gift certificate. Shoot me a PM or an e-mail so I know where to send your goodies!

Read more... )


Dec. 22nd, 2010 11:41 pm
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For today, we have an easy question: boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, commando, or, dare I say it, a thong? Which do you like to see your men wear, whether in real life, fanfiction, or original fiction.

For me, I'm all about the boxer-briefs. Boxers are too lose, briefs make me think of children, so boxer briefs are juuuuuust right. Love the way they hug the package and a nice pair of toned thighs. Love the way they reveal that dip of the hipbone. *whistles* 

So what about you? 
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So in my weeklong effort to get to know my readers better, today I ask the question: what kind of music do you like? This also clues into my ongoing effort to expand my musical interests.

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... and prompt fics!

Yep. Today I'm announcing the winner of yesteday's free copy of whichever novel they prefer, and I'm going to go ahead and post the prompt fics I wrote for my hosting of the TQ social yesterday. These prompts were given to me by the visitors to the TQ social and feature my original works prominently.

First, though, I'd like to say congratulations to [livejournal.com profile] gypsygrrl420 whose name I drew out of the hat to make her the winner of yesterday's random drawing. Send me a PM and let me know which novel you'd like.

For [livejournal.com profile] sydmcginley 
Prompt: laundry day gone wrong, your choice of pairing

Joshua just wasn't cut out to be Suzy homemaker.  )

For [livejournal.com profile] sydmcginley
Prompt "rice pudding accident"

"That was not an accident."  )

For [livejournal.com profile] stevie_carroll 
Prompt "hair-related story" 

He wanted to distract Janus from whatever dry historical tome he was reading... )

For [livejournal.com profile] ali_wilde
Prompt: Leonard and Willoughby, "Wow, would you look at that penguin?" 

"Hey, it's snowing."  )

Phew. Those were all pretty challenging, but I had a great time writing them.

I hope you all enjoyed those little snippets. Thanks for reading!

I'm still working on the flash fiction, don't worry. You'll see some of them tomorrow and then the rest on Monday.


Dec. 10th, 2010 06:14 pm
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Three little words.

I love you.

Just three words. Three syllables. But they convey so much. Or are used to convey so much. Or are used far too often to hold any meaning anymore. It all depends on your perspective.

Discuss for a chance to win! )
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Just a friendly reminder of the on-going contest for chances to win free copies of any one of my three novels or a request fic of your choosing, specifics at your discretion.

Check out the hit counter on my author's website The Den of Debauchery and see if you're the lucky visitor!

At present, the next winner is just around the corner. As of this posting, there's only 34 more hits until 6666. and after that, you'll be looking for hit number 7000. Take a screenshot and e-mail it to me, easy as pie. My e-mail addy is crya2evans@yahoo.com.

And while you're there, I'd love it if you took the chance to sign my guestbook. It's been a tad lonely lately.

More updates to come in the future. I've a new Bleach fanfic to introduce, a RenjixIshidaxIchigo series and an Ichigo/Ishida oneshot, as well as some more original pieces like Azriel/Kieran smut and -- finally -- I'll get started on War of the Animum: Wolf in the Fold.
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Nothing to post today, so I thought I'd ramble a bit. Touch on several topics.

Firstly, no one snagged the chance for a free copy of one of my books for Draco's Debauchery. The new hit that visitors are aiming for is #6666 across the board, and then after that #7000. Hits are up this month because of the contest being run through Torquere Press, so check more frequently than you usually might if you're interested in winning those free copies.

Read more... )
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>>This is a contest from my publisher, Torquere Press, giving you a chance to win all kinds of free stuff! I'm taking part in it as well. Scroll down for more info!

Torquere Press Celebrates 7th Anniversary!

Seven years?! No, we can hardly believe it either. Seven years of bringing readers the best, the sexiest, the most romantic GLBT fiction. And to celebrate, we're giving away prizes -- great themed gift baskets, gift certificates for free books every day, and a scavenger hunt that will give readers a chance to collect a deck of cards that will win big - -a Nook from Barnes & Noble!

Readers will get the chance to "collect cards" by visiting each participating author's website, blog, or Facebook page. By collecting all the cards and filling in the form, players have the chance to  win free books daily, a gift basket once each week, (including BDSM, werewolf and ménage themed baskets), and be entered in the grand prize drawing for the Nook.


We'll also be having random sales via our blog, GLBT Romance, Facebook, and Twitter: 





With bestselling GLBT romance authors like Chris Owen, Tory Temple, Kiernan Kelly, P.D.Singer, Sean Michael, and B.A. Tortuga, you'll have a blast playing along. Just log onto Torquere Press website http://www.torquerepress.com/contest/index.html

Check out the contest page, and start hunting!

So, ya feel lucky, dude? Let's play!

>>By the way, it says you have to search for cards right? Well, I'll give you guys two big hints for where mine is. 1) It's on my author's website, http://dracosdebauchery.tripod.com and 2) It's located near my Torquere release on said site.

Happy hunting!


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