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Good morning! Once a month, I intend to promote my self-published stories, mostly for the sake of new readers who might not know that you can support me by purchasing any one of my novels! :)

I offer a lot of free reads and if you'd like to help out a small-business owner by purchasing one of my novels that would be fantastic!

Right now, I have two available for you with a third due to come out later this year. Excitement!

The Seeker:
Someone has taken the children, the only progeny of a widowed Queen. All efforts from the most skilled hunters and knights have proved fruitless. There is but one option left. The Seeker takes up her sword once more and nothing will stand in her way.

The Finer Points of Thievery:
A chance encounter leads to something Sleet never expected: a friendship with the most well-known thief in the country.

Only The Seeker is available in print and the kindle. The Finer Points of Thievery is available in pdf only though I am working on getting it onto the Kindle marketplace. Thanks for checking them out!

The Seeker

Apr. 9th, 2014 10:15 am
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General Fantasy
Page Count:
PG-13 for fantasy-typical violence and language

It was marked as the end of an era and the beginning of a new age. It was a sign that Normaud had advanced from its history of barbarism and deceit. The Seeker abandoned her sword and shield, ending a line that had served the monarchy for centuries.

Now, decades later, someone has taken the heirs of Normaud. Only she can find them, emerging from her self-imposed retirement to take up the blade once more.

Normaud's enemies are many, and time is against her, but the Seeker will do what she must to see the heirs restored to their rightful place, even if it means surrendering her own life.


4 Stars by Long and Short Reviews

Current on Amazon: 4.5 Stars
Excerpt: "All in all, this was a nice, fairly quick read. Fast to go through not just because of its length but because once I picked it up I found it hard to put it down and leave down. I'm hoping there is more to this and this is not the end of the Seeker's story. Both of her future and her past."

Purchase Information:

Softcover Print: $8.99

Createspace ::  Amazon

Digital Print (E-book): $3.99

Amazon  ::  Den of Debauchery

Signed Copies Available Upon Request

Special acknowledgments for Kelly R. who helped me design the initial plot. A huge thank you to K.B. Moody who designed the cover. And much gratitude for ladydragon76 who provided some good insight on what changes needed to be made to the plot.
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March already. 2014 sure is flying by.

What's on tap for this month? 

Ensuring The Seeker is ready for her April 1st publication date first and foremost. I've lined up a cover artist, so all that's left on my end is the blurb polishing, final grammar editing, and final document formatting. Wahoo! Research on where I can market will also begin next.

Second on the list is to begin prepping Monster for publication. First, I have to do a re-read and basic editing, also marking if there's any place I feel needs expansion or details. I'll send out the call and find someone who wants to editor-read it for the same. Then I need to find a cover-artist. After that, it's more editing, polishing, etc. Luckily, Monster is in a bit better shape than The Seeker was so I only need to shine it up like the diamond it is.

When I need to fulfill the urge to write rather than edit, I'm going to browse through Break of Day Part II or my redrafting of Shady Hill.

Plenty of stuff to work on. I'm never bored. I don't understand how people can be bored, lol.

Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to ask!

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Good afternoon!

Starting a new, second job and getting sick twice meant my January goals fell a little by the wayside, but I shall persevere.

The Seeker first round of editing has gone through well. I've received all the feedback I was supposed to get so now I've got to do the second drafts. I may have a cover artist lined up so huzzah!

In the meantime, goals for February are to work on some fanfiction I need to finish, but original fic wise, I want to focus on The Seeker edits and formatting, and preparation.

When I need to write, I'll work on East of Eden and plotting Quisling, which is the next part of WOTA.

Busy times ahead. I promise to keep updating as I go. :)

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Cut to save babble.  )

TLDR: Author is moving things around. Be prepared. :)

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I got to pondering today, as I struggled to stay awake after a long day of work, and I started thinking about my original fiction.


Because so many of them fit neatly into the same worlds, especially those that you might not expect.

So I thought I'd share these connections with everyone. I thought someone might be curious.

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