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a/n: Every time I think I have RL under control, something else happens. *sigh* Anyway, here's a little something I wrote and polished up and hopefully, I can get some more little tidbits for everyone. Soon as RL settles. Enjoy! And NSFW.

Title: Conversations
Universe: In Darkness Dwells, post-novel
Characters: MadisonxElias
Rating: M
Warnings: pretty much PWP, oral
Description: A moment of getting to know one another.

Talk about fulfilling stereotypes.  )

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a/n: Woo. Look at me posting fic! :) I have lots more ficlets that I'm editing through, along with other updates, and character profiles, etc. All to come. I promise! For now, enjoy this bit of fluff.

Title: Oddities
Universe: Infinity's End Canon, pre-Break of Day
Characters: Kieran, Gwydion, Aislin Azura
Rating: K+/G
Description: There was a talking owl in his laboratory and Kieran wasn't entirely sure how she'd gotten in there.

What if animals could talk? What kind of stories would they tell? )
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Title: Amethyst
Universe: War of the Animum, pre-Darkness Descends, canon
Rating: T
Desc: From the moment he laid eyes on Sleet, the craving set in. From that instant, it became an obsession.

It was his eyes that had done him in.  )
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Title: Untouchable
Fandom: Synesthesia, Not-canon
Rated: NSFW
Desc: Ficlet. (JaidenxEthan) Empaths don't like to be touched.

Jaiden knows his place.  )
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Title: Take Me or Leave Me
Universe: Synesthesia, Not Canon
Rating: T
Desc: Jaiden tries to reason with the unreasonable.

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Title: Of Servitude
Universe: The Requim of Janus, canon
Characters: AlcaeusxJanus
Rating: T
Description. Alcaeus often wondered if that was Janus' plan all along

Sometimes, Alcaeus felt like Janus’ servant more than his bribed lover.

Alcaeus didn’t know why he had taken over the tasks better suited to the aides creeping stealthily about the temple, but whenever Janus snapped his fingers, Alcaeus was quick to oblige.

He drew baths. Fetched food. Carried messages. Tending to Janus' wounds because the pries was too stubborn to allow anyone else to see his weaknesses. And on numerous occasions, Alcaeus found himself helping Janus dress. To be fair, the clothing that was required of Janus was often heavy, unwieldy, and held together with difficult ties and straps. Janus needed help pulling the fine, silky material over his skin. Across creamy, unmarred shoulders where Alcaeus’ traitorous fingers always seemed to want to linger. Around trim hips that Alcaeus’ hands fought to keep from gripping.

He often wondered if that was Janus’ plan all along. If this was the way that Janus further planned to bind Alcaeus to him. In many ways, Alcaeus didn’t mind the servant-like duties because they were better than the alternative. Better than laying lips on Janus’ flesh, stroking fingers over that pale, pale skin. Watching the High Priest of Sybaris flush with desire, blue eyes darkening with need. Gasping and twitching and writhing as Alcaeus pushed into him, inch by inch, filling him to the brim.

Yeah, definitely better to focus on the menial tasks. Otherwise Alcaeus would find himself caught up in all the things he was trying to escape.
´╗┐Yes, it's rather short. The next one should be better. It's steamy, hot and pretty much a PWP. And then there should be a longer one in the future. a whole chapter that had to be excised from the manuscript. Sweetness!

I hope you enjoyed!


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