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Today, I am featuring Tungsten Vermillion, who is one of the main characters from my free read fantasy series, War of the Animum.

Tungsten was born to affluent parents in the artistic region of Nipon. He's a child of Spring and is almost thirty years old. As an only child from a troubled pregnancy, Tungsten was doted upon. He is highly educated and was raised to be very polite and considerate. The culture of Nipon is one based upon respect so Tungsten often uses a series of honorifics that are outdated anywhere else in Corynth, but such behavior has been ingrained in him and it's difficult to simply set it aside.

He was much loved by his parents though his decision to learn the magical arts did not meet their approval. Nevertheless, they helped arrange for his studies and for his apprenticeship to a master of the arts. They were disappointed that he left home to pursue his studies, but remain in contact with him and hope he succeeds.

A clumsy man, sometimes to his own detriment, Tungsten is also an eternal optimist. He enjoys studying the magical arts, though he confesses he is not as skilled as his brethren. Up to date, only two of the eight deities have allowed themselves to be ascribed on his casting rod, whittled from a length of ashwood per his choice.

Tungsten is pale, red-haired, and green-eyed. He's of average height for a male, and right-handed. He wears the standard robes, often a touch too long because he keeps forgetting to take them to a seamstress, and he has the symbols of sorcery inked onto his forehead. He has to repaint these symbols often as they get smudged or faded. Only true masters of the art are allowed to have the symbols tattooed. Tungsten doesn't qualify and privately admits that he is glad because the idea of being tattooed frightens him.

Tungsten is well-mannered, and when faced with the truth of his destiny, accepted it with a dignity that would prove to be an example to others. He is not a warrior at heart, but he draws from a well of untapped courage, determined to do the best for Corynth. He is often scared by the danger around him, but he pushes past his fear to do what is right. He is always willing to help people, and the first to chastise when the others in their group are being cruel to one another. He is a guardian to the depths of his soul, which explains why he is so well-matched with Asclepius.

His anima is Asclepius, whose element is best recognized as the light/holy element. She is a guardian, geared toward protection. She has been teaching him the magical skills his studies have left him lacking, along with the unfortunate demise of his mentor mage in Tawnry.

Tungsten is a bit sheltered so some of what he sees during the course of the journey does come as a surprise to him, but he'd been taught never to judge or assume, so he keeps his comments to himself. It's none of his business what grown adults do in their spare time so long as it only involves other grown adults.

He is constantly exasperated by several members of the group, Sleet and Raven especially. He finds himself cultivating a friendship with Alaris, and is sympathetic toward the stress she is under. He is a great comfort, a good listener, and an overall stable presence in a highly volatile collection of strong personalities. He often drifts to the background because he doesn't feel the need to shout his opinion, but his quiet strength shines through whenever they need him most.

You can read about Tungsten's continuing adventures against a vengeful god in the War of the Animum series, which can be found either at my personal website, the Den of Debauchery, or on Archive of Our Own, or even here on dreamwidth.

Feel free to ask anything about Tungsten!

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Another character highlight for your perusing pleasure.

Universe: Infinity's End
Character: Azriel Hadley

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Good morning! It's time for another character highlight since I've been so slack and not putting them out as I should be. Today we meet a main character from a soon-to-be posted fic, "Shady Hill."

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a/n: As promised, I intend to return to my regular posting. Here's another character highlight for your reading pleasure.

Gale Arlen, main character from the Infinity's End trilogy, first seen in Book One, The Edge of Tomorrow.

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Today I bring to you the piece I commissioned for War of the Animum. I asked for an illustration of Erebus and Asclepius because I wanted to see them and so did a few of you. My goal is to eventually get pictures of all of the main cast (Alaris, Tungsten, Raven, Adair, Aidan two humans we haven't met yet, plus all the associated deities like Hephaestion et al). Phew. That's a tall order and funds aren't always there, but next TQ check may give me just enough to commission another!

Ahem. Until then, I give you Erebus and Asclepius in "The Ever Dreaded Paperwork" . This was done by the wonderful FerioWind on Deviantart, who so far, has done all of the commissions for WOTA. It's my goal to keep the artistic style the same for this series.


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Good evening! Firstly, I'd like to say congratulations to a near and dear friend of mine. He was married today and I'm incredibly happy for him!

Today, I'd like to post a character highlight since I haven't done so in forever. I've also chosen a character from a series I don't give much love to, and I don't know why since I love the story so much. Ahem.

S'raiya had never wanted to be a hero, had never dreamed of being some damsel's knight or defeating fire-breathing dragons. )
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Good evening folks!

Got a question for readers of my original fiction. Some of these stories have quite an extensive cast. Some of them have a limited cast. Either way, there isn't room in the fics to give focus to every single character as much as some of us like. The main characters, by virtue of being the primary characters, get the most light. Some of the other characters, as interesting as they are, don't get as much screen time.

My question is: are there any of these characters in any of my original fics that you'd like to hear a bit more about? Either some drabbles or character profiles or POV pieces, or anything really. Any character that you fell in love with, and find yourself disappointed because they hardly get time to shine.

Also, keep in mind that Flash Fic Friday is this Friday.
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In pondering which character to highlight today, I realized two things. One) I needed to highlight a female character for once. And Two)... I don't have many female characters. Huh. Quite the pickle. Sure, I have dozens of female minor characters, but only a handful of female main/leading characters. Strange that. Or not so strange if one considers my contempt for fictional female characters.

Therefore, today I bring a highlight of an original female character that I actually like. I created her, so that makes sense, but still, she's one of so few. Obviously, I need to correct this matter.

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Good afternoon folks!

Today I bring you another in my series of real life people who resemble the characters I've created for my original fiction. Much thanks to [livejournal.com profile] azardarkstar and [livejournal.com profile] mandalee1013 for their suggestions on these characters!

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Just because I happen to be in the middle of typing up all my Synesthesia chapters, I thought, why not give a little focus to Ethan! He's the main character, he deserves some love.

So here I am today with another character highlight. Today, I bring you Ethan McCormick, the Empathic protagonist of my novel Synesthesia, destined to turn into a series. Book one is complete and in the process of being typed up, edited, revised, etc. And I'm currently posting it for everyone's reading pleasure.

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Time for another character highlight! Per a reader's request, I decided to focus on Malcolm Wyndham today, a major-minor character from my series Infinity's End. I say major-minor because he's not one of the main players, but he's important to the storyline. So I suppose you'd call him a secondary character? *laughs* 

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I was going to bring you the next edited chapter of Darkness Descends for War of the Animum. But, when I opened the file, it had a strange glitch in it where the quote marks were replaced with chinese characters. Why? I have no idea. But now I have to go in manually and fix each and every one of them, so I won't be able to post that today. Instead, you will get it tomorrow.

Today, I thought I'd focus on another character highlight. Today, I bring you Ione Tegan, the main character within my series Infinity's End, which is built around a trilogy of the same title, consisting of the works: The Edge of Tomorrow, Whispers of Yesterday, and Nycthemeron. The first is available to read and is complete, the second is finished and posting is in progress, and the third is currently being plotted.

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Today we have an animal special on our "Real Life Meets Fiction" serial. What do I mean by that? Well, the familiars in my fantasy adventure series Infinity's End take an animal form that's based off one you'd find on Earth, though they are not called by the same name in the fic. So, I hunted down pictures of the familiars for the four main characters (Ione, Gale, Kieran, and Azriel) and pulled them together for you.
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Greetings! Today I bring you another character highlight.

Sleet Underwood is the main character of my ongoing slash fantasy series War of the Animum. The story is told mostly from his point of view with the occasional other characters popping in to keep things fresh and interesting.
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In an ongoing effort to keep things interesting, I thought I might spotlight some of my original characters. Tell ya some things about them that you didn't know before, and remind you of the things revealed in canon. Also, give my readers an opportunity to ask any questions they might have, especially about things I didn't explain.

Today, I decided to feature Janus, who is the main character in my published fic The Requiem of Janus.
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Today I have three more real life actors/actresses that match characters from my original novels in appearance. As an occasional reader, I'm a big fan of visual aids, so I like knowing what characters resemble. Helps give my imagination something to build from. *grins* 

On to today's characters~

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So, it occurred to me, that sometimes, readers like visuals to accompany descriptions of characters. So, I'm always on the lookout for actors/actresses that resemble characters in my original fiction.

Today, I have three that I have discovered to share with you. I'll bring more soon as I discover them.

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