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Booyah! The day draws ever closer to publication and now, I present to you the cover art for my upcoming fic In Darkness Dwells, due to be published by Torquere Press on November 9th! In Darkness Dwells is a slashy paranormal mystery. And here's the very lovely cover art!

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Excitement abounds~

The artist who I commissioned to do both pieces of my WOTA artwork has now opened her commissions once again. Huzzah! I intend to take full advantage of that by ordering more pictures for WOTA. One, if not two of them.

So I ask my readers and fans of WOTA: whom/what would you like to see most? 

I'm tossing around ideas of a picture with Frost, Sleet and Beryl. Or another picture with Alaris and Raven. Or perhaps something of Tungsten. Or a picture of Adair and Aidan (the twins). Or maybe some of the deities, like Hephaestion and Asclepius...

Ah, so many to choose from. Therefore, I'd like to ask what and/or who you, my readers, are most interested in seeing.
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So I should be getting my laptop back within the week.


That means we should return to our regularly scheduled updates and I can get back to work. I'm so happy!

So today, I thought I'd share some sketches. I'm no great artist by any means, but I did go through a phase where I managed to sketch out a few things. And I thought you might enjoy seeing them. Click to see the larger image.

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It's an open call because honestly, there's no easy way to search for this on deviantart. I've tried.

What do I need? 

Artists that are taking commissions. And affordable ones at that. I can't really pay $300 for a single color sketch of one of my characters as some of my favorite, very, very popular artists charge. Their work is beautiful and all that, but I just can't imagine dropping an entire paycheck on a single work like that. Just not so rich unfortunately.

So I need artists that are taking commissions, that aren't abhorrent to drawing slash, can draw either original characters or fandom, and that don't mind me using their works as a cover or illustration so long as some deal can be struck.

Different styles are welcome, from realistic to anime-ish to cartoon-ish. I'm trying to get a wide variety of styles to go with my wide variety of fiction.

I, myself, am pants at drawing. I can manage a few black and white sketches if I'm sufficiently inspired but otherwise, my drawing sucks major. And I'd really like to give my readers some visuals to go with their reading. I know I prefer to read original things when I have a better idea of what the characters look like.

So if anyone has any recommendations, knows anyone taking commissions, can point me in the right direction, takes commissions themselves, let me know. I'd really, really appreciate it.
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June is just FULL of good news, isn't it? 

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Wow! So I finally got my $120 commission piece from sakimichan over on deviantart today. Much, much sooner than I expected. And it is absolutely gorgeous.

So I thought I would share it with the one person whose reading my livejournal (and any other future visitors).

Warning: There are hints of boylove in here.

This is Alcaeus (left) and Janus (right) from my original fiction, The Requiem of Janus

Sweet Surrender


Isn't it pretty? 


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