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who buys the things in infomercials

Layla is definitely the impulse buyer of the two. She knows how to manage her money, but she keeps what she calls “impulse coin” for the things here and there that catch her eye. Especially if shiny or new.

who draws in the dust on their cars

Serena. Bath fog in the mirrors. Frost on the windows. Dust on the desktop. She often idly draws designs with her fingertips while lost in thought.

who starts the snowball fights

Layla. Always Layla. She loves a good challenge, she loves to have fun, and even though Serena’s aim is better than hers, she can’t make a decent snowball, so they are evenly matched.

who throws away the directions to things

Layla. She thinks they can figure it out on their own. Just wing it. Serena prefers to have something to fall back on just in case, or you know, do it right the first time.

who puts up holiday décor

Both of them. Serena has a keen eye for interior design, another something she was raised to know, but Layla gets really excited for holidays and has set times when the decorations must go out to get them in the spirit.

who is more likely to forget to bathe

Layla. It’s less likely that she forgot to bathe, as it is she gets to the end of the day, realizes she hasn’t bathed yet, and is too tired to go through the effort of doing so and saves it for the next day. Or the day after that.

who gets more obsessed about things

I wouldn’t say obsessed is the right word, but once Serena gets focused on something important, there’s little that can deter or distract her.

who sings in the shower more often

Serena hums, but Layla sings, sometimes in tune, sometimes not. If they’re bathing together, and have the time, they might indulge in a duet or two.


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