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... and prompt fics!

Yep. Today I'm announcing the winner of yesteday's free copy of whichever novel they prefer, and I'm going to go ahead and post the prompt fics I wrote for my hosting of the TQ social yesterday. These prompts were given to me by the visitors to the TQ social and feature my original works prominently.

First, though, I'd like to say congratulations to [livejournal.com profile] gypsygrrl420 whose name I drew out of the hat to make her the winner of yesterday's random drawing. Send me a PM and let me know which novel you'd like.

For [livejournal.com profile] sydmcginley 
Prompt: laundry day gone wrong, your choice of pairing

Joshua and Torrance are from my A Thousand Word series that you can read here. Warnings for fluff and boykisses.

Joshua frowned as he pulled out the dried clothes and the smell of cherries met his nose, a smell that shouldn't have been associated with clean whites at all. He groaned as he caught sight of the speckles of bright red that coated numerous pairs of socks, boxers, and undershirts. He was pretty certain that not a single item had gone unscathed.

He knocked his head forward, skull plunking on the metal of the dryer and echoing with a hollow sound. He'd completely forgotten about the tube of chapstick that had been in his pocket. It had survived the washing machine, but apparently not the high heat of the dryer. And he'd just ruined an entire load of clothes.

Torrance could afford to replace them but that wasn't the point. Joshua just wasn't cut out to be Suzy homemaker. He should have caved in and let Torrance hire a maid after all.

A door slammed, followed by the sound of keys hitting a hall table. “Joshua?”

Great. Torrance was home. Joshua supposed his humiliation wouldn't be complete without his lover there to see it.

“In here,” he called, sighing as he pulled out the last of the clothes and tossed them into the basket. He didn't know whether to keep them or throw them into the rubbish.

Torrance appeared in the doorway, eyebrow lifted in curiosity. “Laundry day?”

Joshua gestured with the basket. “Something like that,” he said, and let his lips curl, amused. “Say, you don't mind being speckled pink do you?”

Grey eyes flicked between the laundry and Joshua before Torrance burst into laughter. “As the stay at home dad I sort of thought you'd be good at this sort of thing,” he said as he circled around Joshua and his armful of clean laundry.

Joshua snorted. “My sister took pity on me and tended to come over and do all the work,” he retorted. “You should have done it yourself if you wanted it done right.”

Torrance's grin was enough to melt the hearts of screaming fans across the country, but for Joshua, it just managed to chase away a minor irritation. “Thank you for trying,” Torrance murmured, voice low and husky as he slid an arm around Joshua's waist, nuzzling against the side of Joshua's face.

He wanted to resist the low thrum of arousal that pulsed through him, out of principle alone, but Joshua considered that reaction just as childish as rolling his eyes. So he turned his head and captured Torrance's mouth instead, coaxing a happy purr out of Torrance's throat. This was one thing, at least, Joshua knew he could do very well.

For [livejournal.com profile] sydmcginley
Prompt "rice pudding accident"

Jasper and Sander, are from Shady Hill and you can read a few excerpts from that here and here. This piece is NSFW and features boysmut.

“That was not an accident,” Jasper moaned, head falling back as a warm tongue slithered up his bare chest and latched an equally warm mouth onto his throat.

Sander chuckled, fire-warm fingers deftly pinning Jasper's hands above his head, pressing them to the cold, sticky linoleum. Sticky because Sander had spilled a bowl of rice pudding everywhere: on the floor, on the fridge, and most importantly, on Jasper himself.

“What makes you say that?” Sander purred, his goatee scratching at Jasper's collarbone as he nibbled at Jasper's throat, always one to attack Jasper's sensitive spots. His free hand was already working at Jasper's jeans, hastily undoing the belt buckle and buttons.

They didn't have much time, considering they were on the floor of the kitchen in the common area. It was three in the morning, but Jasper knew half of their gang to be insomniacs as well. The chance of discovery wasn't enough to dissuade Sander, and only served to tighten the coils of arousal in Jasper's belly.

Sander cupped him through his jeans, massaging Jasper's eager length, and he sucked in air through his teeth. “Because you're a pervert to the nth degree and you'll turn any situation to your advantage,” Jasper retorted, hips rocking upward, trying to encourage more in any way Sander was willing to give it to him.

“You say that like it's a bad thing,” Sander said with mock-hurt, his fingers squeezing Jasper's wrists mildly. “Besides, I made this mess. It only makes sense that I should clean it up.” This was accompanied by a long, lewd lick across Jasper's chest, the brush of tongue over Jasper's nipple seeming almost accidental.

He gritted his teeth to bite down on a cry of pleasure, body arching up in encouragement. “We don't have time for teasing,” Jasper hissed.

Sander's mouth wandered back upward, slanting his lips over Jasper's and sharing the sweet taste of the rice pudding with him. Their tongues tangled together and Jasper moaned into the kiss, the flavor of milk and sugar completely overpowering Sander's usual tobacco taste.

“Who said anything about teasing?” Sander retorted as he broke off the kiss, a hungry look in his stormy eyes. “I'm all about mutual gratification.”

If Jasper planned to counter, he didn't get the chance because Sander sealed their lips together again, his tongue exploring every inch of Jasper's mouth in a deep kiss that he knew turned Jasper to mush every time. A hand dove into Jasper's jeans, wrapping clever fingers around his aching length and all thoughts of protest – if he'd even had any – vanished from his mouth. At this point, he didn't care if anyone wandered into the kitchen. Let 'em watch.

For [livejournal.com profile] stevie_carroll 
Prompt "hair-related story" 

Alcaeus and Janus are from The Requiem of Janus and could be considered taking place after-fic. It's pretty Work-Safe.

He couldn't stop himself. Janus' long hair had been great, but there was something about this new cut that made Alcaeus burn. Maybe it was in the revealed nape of Janus' neck, the sharp contrast of pale skin and black hair. Maybe because it made him look vulnerable when Alcaeus knew damn well there were few things that could.

Janus was reading, something he did to relax and let his mind drift. But Alcaeus couldn't keep his eyes off that exposed nape, and his fingers drifted down, gently stroking the short hairs on Janus' neck. It was a faint touch, a bare brush of his fingers over sensitive skin. Janus was very warm, an aspect that Alcaeus fully enjoyed. It was so much better than the chill of constant magic use.

Alcaeus' finger dragged down Janus' nape with gradually increasing pressure, the sight of the side of Janus' bare throat calling to his lips. He wanted to lean over and lick that pale skin, mark it with tongue and teeth. He wanted to distract Janus from whatever dry historical tome he was reading and bend him over this too-fancy piece of furniture and rip his clothes off and--


He couldn't decide whether Janus sounded irritated or amused, but nevertheless his voice was enough to make Alcaeus blink out of his imaginings.

“What?” he asked, entirely innocent, though he didn't remove his fingers. Instead, he let them trail a little higher, starting at the crown of Janus' head and stroking back down again, a lighter touch against his bare nape. He both felt and saw Janus' minute shiver in response.

“You're distracting me.” That time, there was definite amusement. Janus wasn't displeased which was always a plus in Alcaeus' book.

He leaned closer, considering Janus' lack of temper an invitation, and let his breath brush warm across Janus' skin and damp across his ear. “Am I?” he murmured.

He saw those thin fingers clench around the book's hard cover. Alcaeus couldn't remember the last time Janus had actually turned a page and he knew his lover to be a very quick reader.

Janus turned, and a fire burned in his blue eyes. “You know very well what you're doing," he said, high color in his cheeks. “So don't you dare stop.” His voice was rough, tight with command, a tone that never ceased to ignite something inside Alcaeus.

He grinned like a fool. “Whatever you say, your holiness,” he murmured and followed through with his earlier desires to pounce, his mission of distraction a complete success.

For [livejournal.com profile] ali_wilde
Prompt: Leonard and Willoughby, "Wow, would you look at that penguin?" 

Leonard and Will are original characters with no ties to any of my previous works. Warnings for language and dirty thoughts. 

“Hey, it's snowing.”

Leonard pressed his pen to the paper with greater force, as though that would help drown out Will's inane comments. “It's been snowing for the past three hours.”

He could practically see Willoughby's grin of amusement; he delighted far too much in bothering Leonard when he was filling out paperwork.

“Yeah, but it's finally sticking,” Will said, finally moving away from the window to circle around the room and poke at the crackling logs in the small fireplace.

Leonard refrained from commenting. Will would take it as encouragement and keep talking and Leonard needed to finish this paperwork before it grew into an even larger pile which would distract him for several more hours. Hours that would annoy Will who would in turn annoy Leonard and then no one would be happy. At all. So back to the paperwork it was.

“I wonder if the power will go out,” Will mused aloud, abandoning his restless poking at the fire. He roamed aimlessly around the room until he ended up behind Leonard, looming over his shoulder in a way Will knew irritated Leonard to no end.

“We should have something warm to drink, too,” Will added, large hands clamping on Leonard's shoulder and digging thumbs into Will's upper back. It felt good, but it was also as distracting as the nonsensical chatter.

Leonard pressed his lips together and duly ignored Will's seductive advances. A wonderful silence reigned, and Leonard wondered if Will had finally given up.

“Wow, would you look at that penguin?”

“For the love of...” Leonard swore under his breath, felt his eyebrow tick, and threw a glare over his shoulder, prompting Will to back off with hands raised. “Will you let me finish this in peace?”

“If you insist.” Will laughed and strode out of the room, shoulders back and cocky, finally content to amuse himself. Well, that was fine with Leonard. Will would get what was coming to him later.

Leonard felt a small smile creep onto his face as he sighed the next document with a great flourish. In fact, there was a brand new box under his bed with Will's name on it, complete with enough toys to make both of them happy by the end of the night.

But first, to finish this paperwork. He could tan Will's ass all he wanted later.

Phew. Those were all pretty challenging, but I had a great time writing them.

I hope you all enjoyed those little snippets. Thanks for reading!

I'm still working on the flash fiction, don't worry. You'll see some of them tomorrow and then the rest on Monday.
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