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Serena loves Layla’s freckles. They make her look cute and charming. She is both, of course, but they often bely how very dangerous she can be, too.

Layla considers it one of her secret weapons.

Serena especially loves to trace Layla’s freckles with her fingers. She has a broad spatter of them across the back of her shoulders, like little tan morsels.

Layla is not ticklish, unfortunately, but she does shiver when Serena plays connect the dots. Even more so when she uses her tongue.

There are a few, larger stray freckles, too. They make a disjointed trail down toward Layla’s delectable rump, on which the right cheek has a cutely shaped birthmark. It looks a bit like a teacup.

The first time Serena commented on it, Layla cheekily replied, “perhaps you should add some sugar then.” She wriggled her rump.

Serena had rolled her eyes. Those damn trashy novels. Would she never hear the end of them?

Serena laughs to herself as she remembers that moment, while her mouth makes a warm trip down Layla’s spine.

“Something funny?” Layla asks.

Serena flicks a finger over the birthmark. “Tea time,” she says.

Layla snickers. “I guess it is.” Her body shakes as she laughs a little harder. “Better get to brewing.”

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who cries when someone dies in a movie

Definitely Layla. She tries to hide it, but she reacts first, thinks later. Serena’s been trained to keep her emotions in check, so she might feel like crying, but she’s good at putting on that stone face.

who wears the ugly holiday garb

Layla. She loves to find the ugliest thing she can possibly locate and wear it with pride. Especially if it’s comfortable. Plus, it makes Serena laugh.

who pays for the meals

They take turns, especially at first. Layla insisted upon it. Once they get married, though, the pull from a joint pot and pay together. And Serena is always a big tipper.

who brings home stray animals

Serena. Layla’s too practical when it comes to strays, but Serena has a very big heart and still thinks she can save the world and everything in it.

who leaves the bathroom door open

If using the facilities, neither of them, at least not at first. If bathing, Layla. She hopes to entice Serena to join her.

who tells the ‘dad jokes’

Layla. She loves puns and bad jokes and silly things. Stuff that makes Serena laugh and give her a fond look.  

who wants kids more

Neither of them. Serena is hoping she can foist off the idea of heirs onto her brother, while Layla has enough nieces and nephews that she thinks she’s set for life.

who travels more

Layla. She’s at least been out of the city a few times thanks to being a member of the militia and Nolan’s Guard. Serena hopes to get out of the city soon. She wants to make diplomatic trips to both Aldagar and Ivaline to maintain friendly relations with their neighbors.

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Serena is one pretty package from top to bottom. Everything about her is gorgeous.

Even so, Layla has her favorites. Like Serena’s thick thighs. Her wide hips. Her olive skin. Her glossy black hair so long it falls to her waist like dark water. It’s as soft as silk and always smells of sweet oils from a distant land.

Layla likes to embrace Serena from behind, pressing her nose to Serena’s hair. She inhales deeply, enjoying the scent. Serena’s hair is so soft it tickles Layla’s cheeks.

“Do you mind?” Layla asks as she rubs Serena’s corset-covered belly.

Serena laughs and pats her hand. “No, my sweet. Indulge away.”

She hands Layla a brush and works her way free long enough to sit at her vanity. This puts her hair in easy reach for Layla to play with.

She isn’t skilled at the intricate knots and braids like Serena’s handmaidens. But this isn’t about style.

It’s about Layla getting to run her fingers through Serena’s hair.

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Let’s talk about maps, shall we? As in world maps.

Map of Raetaen

“A Royal Pursuit” is set in my The Mimickers universe, something that I created over a decade ago, that I’ve been gradually honing and building. This world map was drawn a long time ago in MS Paint but it still serves as a handy reference tool until I re-do it with more current information.

This is the world of Raetaen. See the bottom right continent? That is Ghent, and at the top of Ghent, in a forest that straddles a river, is Aldagar, which is where A Royal Pursuit takes place. Aldagar is both the name of the capital city and the name of the country.

Aldagar is also near Meransia, to the left of Ghent, and Ivaline, which is at the bottom toward the middle, noted by the now defunct name of Ivey.

Meransia is home to the Merans, a cat-lizard like species who has very good relations and trade with Aldagar. Merans also, for the record and thanks to Magic ™ are able to cross-breed with humans.

Ivaline is home to the Verdillan, a plant-human hybrid like species who have two separate lifespans and are also able to cross-breed with humans. Ivaline, however, is very set apart, and its residents don’t interact outside their community.

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Layla has a temper.

Where Serena is more likely to pull on a mask and hide her feelings until later, Layla is the type to react immediately. Sometimes with a sharp retort. Other times with a raised fist.

Big things come in small packages, or so they say, and given Layla’s explosive moments, Serena believes it.

There are some things Layla can brush off with no trouble. She does have her sore spots, but sometimes, Serena can bring her back with a soft word.

Other times, Serena doesn’t bother. She feels as insulted as Layla does and she has to admit, she enjoys watching Layla teach imbeciles a lesson.

Layla’s small, but she’s fierce. Insulting her abilities, for whatever reason, is quick to incite a challenge.

Layla taking down opponents twice her size gives Serena a quiet thrill. The fierce look in her brown eyes makes Serena tremble. She has to resist the urge to drag Layla into the nearest alley and pin her against a wall.

Yes, Layla has a temper. She also has restraint when she needs it. So it’s a good thing Serena helps balance her out.

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Their first kiss had been in the dirt, sweat painting their skin, and clothes sticking to their bodies.

They’d been training, practicing self-defense for Serena’s benefit. Her amateur status was painfully obvious given the amount of times Layla got her on her back.

It was the fifth time Layla pinned her down when their eyes met. They’d been laughing because Serena didn’t know how to get frustrated, only flustered.

Layla straddled Serena, pinning her to the practice dirt, when she realized how very lovely Serena was. Dust-streaked face and all.

It struck her then, how very much she wanted to kiss Serena. She said as much aloud, mouth moving before her bran could caution otherwise.

Serena flushed and said, “Well then, why don’t you?”

Layla had taken the invitation, closing the distance between their lips as excitement grew within her.

Their first kiss was brief, an introduction of their mouths, one to the other.

The second and the third were better. Sweeter. Wetter. Layla instantly knew she wanted a fourth and a fifth.

And if the look of wonder on Serena’s face was any indication, she did, too.

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So one of the themes in A Royal Pursuit is that Layla is taking part in a tournament, Cel'li’s Challenge as a matter of fact, in hopes to win Cel'li’s Boon, rather than the prize coin. Cel'li’s Boon is an open-ended opportunity to make a request for something that you couldn’t get otherwise, though it’s more often used to make a statement of love.

In Aldagar, they have a celebration every year and a tournament/challenge to go with it. They have five deities that they cycle through to honor.

1. Cel'li, the warrior god. His challenge is a physical tournament, doesn’t have to be swords but no magic can be involved.

2. Melali, the god of knowledge. His challenge is sort of like a brain bowl. Participants have to be able to answer a variety of questions from a variety of origins including literature, science, math, and history.

3. Larian, goddess of cunning, or the trickster goddess. She is honored by a footrace that is more like a relay race.

4. Ilith, goddess of magic, who is honored by a fighting tournament, but only for wizards/sorcerers, whether Innate or Adept.

5. Arith, goddess of science and younger sister of Ilith, who is honored by an alchemy challenge.

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Sometimes Serena forgets.

Layla is not royalty nor is she one of the nobility. She is the daughter of a soldier, one of the city guard.

But that doesn’t mean she is uneducated. Her father insisted that he and her siblings attend the local academies no matter the cost.

According to Layla, he’s always believed the path to self-improvement lay in a proper education.

Though that doesn’t explain why Serena keeps finding her lover with her nose buried in those… those obscene pieces of trashy romance that can barely be called stories, much less novels. They are the only thing Layla will read by her own choice, as raunchy and explicit as they are.

Poorly written, too, which if you ask Serena is the greater sin.

“You’re just jealous you can’t come up with a line as epic as this,” Layla says, sticking out her tongue. “My nethers quivered with tumescent desire, soaked in the honey of my longing. I–”

“Enough!” Serena laughs. “Please enough. My brain is bleeding out of my ears.”

“Elitist,” Layla teases.

“Only because I have a sense of taste,” Serena retorts.


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Twisted Fables is now available for Pre-Order if you want to go ahead and get the Anthology ahead of time!

I’m very excited to finally be getting back out into the publishing world and I hope you’ll support the other writers in this fascinating Anthology.

My short story is a f/f fantasy called A Royal Pursuit.

It’s time for The Reverence, and this year’s challenge is for those brave or foolish enough to enter. It’s a chance, however. For fortune and fame. For something else. For one of Cel'li’s boons.

Layla knows it’s her golden opportunity. Tired of keeping her relationship with Princess Serena to the shadows, this is a chance worth taking. With such a prize, no one can deny their bond. It’s the best hope she has for the future. Even if it means risking everything.

Even better!

Not only can you buy the entire anthology digitally and in print (from Amazon), but you’ll also be able to buy A Royal Pursuit individually after the release date.

Seven more days to go! \o/

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They meet in public frequently.

There’s no law barring the princess from leaving the palace. She’ not prevented from mingling with her citizens. In fact, she no longer even needs to take a bodyguard with her as she’s proven the capability to defend herself.

Though Layla swears she still sometimes sees Quen, a shadow in the crowd. Old habits die hard, after all. Once a guardian, always a guardian.

So, yes, there’s nothing odd in their twice-weekly lunches. Their weekend dinners. The strolls through the market. The fruitless and longing stares through the glass of the bakery windows…

No one looks twice.

It’s an odd sense of privacy for a relationship that ought to garner more scrutiny. But the princess can have as many friends as she likes.

Lovers, however, those are a different story. Those rendezvous have to be furtive, conducted in secret.

No one can know about Layla and Serena. Not yet. Especially since their friendly fling has stretched years into a serious commitment.

A princess should be with someone who can stand at her side. And right now, Layla, daughter of Nolan’s Guard, doesn’t count.

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For the people of Aldagar, who live in proximity to Elvie and Meransia, their rules of ascension are considered quite lax.

Same-sex marriages are not frowned upon and are treated as normal, even for the nobility or royalty. The Ruling Two can be m/m, m/f, or f/f. The Ruling Two don’t even have to be the married couple, so long as one of the Ruling Two are genetic heirs to the throne.

Take, for instance, Serena’s grandparents, her father’s parents. While they were husband and wife, they were not King and Queen. They were King and wife, with a secondary member of his support staff serving as the balance to his Ruling Two, (King and Dame, or King and Sir, in this instance, King and Sir). The Ruling Two do not have to be romantically linked.

Therefore, if Serena and Layla were to be wed, Serena would have the option to either nominate Layla as her Queen and the second half of her Ruling Two, or Layla (who honestly has no interest in learning how to rule a nation), could politely demur, allowing Serena to choose a more suitable candidate to rule beside her.

It is not the fact that they are a lesbian couple that prevents Serena and Layla from being together with ease, but that Layla is not only a commoner, she’s an Unlearned commoner (which is different from an uneducated commoner). Royalty don’t often marry for love, but for practicality, and Layla’s skills are impractical to assisting and supporting Serena in her future rule.

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Layla always eats as though someone is going to steal her food from her. She gobbles down her meals, all the way to the last crumb, even sopping up the roast juices with her last chunk of sourdough

She washes it all down with her third mug of Rozlin and still never so much as staggers. Serena’s seen her outdrink two-thirds of the patrons to every bar they’ve ever visited.

And she does it all in half the time it takes Serena to finish her own meal at a leisurely, enjoyable pace.

It’s not because Layla has no manners. She was raised with a wealth of them.

But she is accustomed to fending off the grabby hands of three siblings with bottomless pits for stomachs.

Her family doesn’t know the meaning of the term “leftover.” For them, remaining servings are called “not yets.”

It’s quite cute actually.

Serena’s still waiting for an invitation to a family dinner. She suspects it hasn’t been extended because Layla is a little embarrassed.

Sooner or later, Serena is sure she’ll understand that Serena loves her just the way she is.

Crumb flecks on her cheeks and all.

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Princess Serena, daughter of King Elian and Queen Cerise, the Ruling Two of the country of Aldagar, located on the continent of Ghent.

Layla, daughter of Nolan’s Guard, a soldier in training. Her parents are Garrick and Noelle.  

Serena is older than Layla by a couple of years. She has a younger brother. Her father inherited the throne when he came of age, and he has a sister, but she declined the throne. (More to come on royal ascension in a separate post). Serena’s mother is an only child.

Layla, meanwhile, has three siblings – two sisters and a brother – and from one of them, nieces and nephews. Layla is the light of her father’s eye, the only one interested in following in his footsteps. Her father is part of Nolan’s Guard, and her mother works in administration.

They first met in passing, ages ago, when Serena asserted herself against her parents, to refuse their protection. They insisted that if she proved capable of defending herself, she wouldn’t need to keep a guard. Thus, she began to take self-defense classes, one of which was taught by Layla’s eldest brother, and Layla happened to drop by one day, causing them to meet.

Amusingly, Layla hadn’t even recognized Serena. She paid little attention to royalty or nobility and therefore barely knew what the Ruling Two looked like and didn’t even know the names of their heirs. She only noticed Serena because she was hilariously clumsy, but had the most beautiful head of hair.

Friendship came first. It later evolved to more…

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January was a bust thanks to some Real Life complications and stresses. I didn't accomplish anything on my to-do list, well, except finishing that CyGate commission. Hopefully, I can put all that behind me and concentrate in February.

February... is for finishing the revisions of In Darkness Dwells so I can get it sent off to proof-reading. Which will then lead to final edits so that I can self-publish. Yay! Therefore: 

February To Do
  • Revise In Darkness Dwells
  • Finish two chapters of Crown the Empire
  • Brainstorm/Plot the Royal Pursuit sidestory
February To Post
  • The Break of Day, Part Two, Chapter Four
  • Shady Hill Chapter Four
  • Two short fics
February's a shorter month, so hopefully, all of those goals are do-able. *fingers crossed*

Time to buckle down and concentrate. :)

Curious about a WIP? Feel free to ask. I will let you know the status.
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a/n: Hi everyone! So sorry for the delay on this. The holidays hit and suddenly, I was buried. But I'm hoping updates will be a little more regular from now on. Please enjoy!

Title: The Break of Day
Infinity's End, Prequel
Summary: A friendship that takes everyone by surprise slowly evolves into a deeper bond as Azriel, illegitimate son of the house Celestine, and Kieran, heir to the house Azura, throw themselves into the heart of a building altercation that explodes into an all out revolution.

Part Two: Chapter Three


The sound of Azriel's laughter was one of the best in the world, in Kieran's opinion.  )
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November was kind of a bust. Between NaNo, working more hours, and trying to keep up with RL drama, I didn't get half of what I wanted done accomplished, but that's okay.

I am pulling back a little on the frequent posting. Mostly because I need time to write.

But December? 

Is all about In Darkness Dwells. My goal is to get the revisions complete so I can send it off to my grammar editor and get it prepped for publication in 2016. I already have the cover art, and I'll be sharing that at some point in December.

I'll try and update a couple things, along with sharing my 100-word ficlets that are on my tumblr, too.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? You know what to do. :)
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a/n: This chapter is most definitely NSFW.

Genre: M/M Romance, SciFi Urban Fantasy
Series: Part of the Synesthesia universe (not required reading)

Description: Jasper doesn't like complications. But he's the Repel for the leader of Rhapsody, and his lover is the clade's computer tech, Sander. Wrapped up in that is the uneasy truce between the clades, Utara's ever growing madness, and the realization that the Norms aren't all that happy with peace. And nothing about any of that is simple. Damn.

Shady Hill
Chapter Three

If it were up to Sander, they’d spend all night in the bed, dirtying the sheets and getting nothing done.  )
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Good afternoon! It's that time again!

What is it, you ask?

  • Send me a pairing/character/group/what-have-you
  • Send me a prompt to go with it, whether it's a word or a song or a phrase or a kink

And in return I write you a ficlet, usually a 500 word drabble. Sometimes, more. It really depends on what the muses give me.

You can give me random names and characters if you want (like say, Steve the Centaur, or Polly the Woodland Elf or Jakobi the space pirate), or you can choose from any of my existing original universes. The limit is your imagination.

Rules? Why yes, there are rules now.

  • I do write m/m, m/f, f/f, poly, and pretty much any kink you can think of, if you're not sure, just ask
  • One prompt per person please. If you send me more than one, I will pick the one I like better
  • Comment on LJ, DW, or ASK me on Tumblr. Please don't send it through an IM or personal message otherwise I lose track of it
  • If you choose to submit Anonymously, you must give yourself an identifier so I know who to attribute it to. I'm going on the honor system here so please respect that.

The prompt window is open from now until Sunday, November 15th at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Any questions, feel free to ask and I will certainly clarify them for you. ^_^

And that's it. Happy prompting! I look forward to seeing what you all come up with this time.

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Title: Prisoner of Conscience
Series: Erland, Book One (War of the Animum universe)
Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Warnings: graphic violence, character death
Summary: The maris are born and bred to be warriors, hungry for any challenge. For Erland, however, the thrill of battle is dulled by its lack of purpose. When a simple patrol becomes an ambush, Erland makes a choice that goes against everything he's been taught, and the consequences are worse than he could have ever imagined.

Chapter Six

He needed to leave. He needed to get out of here. He needed to go... home.  )


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