Feb. 19th, 2016

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Layla has a temper.

Where Serena is more likely to pull on a mask and hide her feelings until later, Layla is the type to react immediately. Sometimes with a sharp retort. Other times with a raised fist.

Big things come in small packages, or so they say, and given Layla’s explosive moments, Serena believes it.

There are some things Layla can brush off with no trouble. She does have her sore spots, but sometimes, Serena can bring her back with a soft word.

Other times, Serena doesn’t bother. She feels as insulted as Layla does and she has to admit, she enjoys watching Layla teach imbeciles a lesson.

Layla’s small, but she’s fierce. Insulting her abilities, for whatever reason, is quick to incite a challenge.

Layla taking down opponents twice her size gives Serena a quiet thrill. The fierce look in her brown eyes makes Serena tremble. She has to resist the urge to drag Layla into the nearest alley and pin her against a wall.

Yes, Layla has a temper. She also has restraint when she needs it. So it’s a good thing Serena helps balance her out.

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Let’s talk about maps, shall we? As in world maps.

Map of Raetaen

“A Royal Pursuit” is set in my The Mimickers universe, something that I created over a decade ago, that I’ve been gradually honing and building. This world map was drawn a long time ago in MS Paint but it still serves as a handy reference tool until I re-do it with more current information.

This is the world of Raetaen. See the bottom right continent? That is Ghent, and at the top of Ghent, in a forest that straddles a river, is Aldagar, which is where A Royal Pursuit takes place. Aldagar is both the name of the capital city and the name of the country.

Aldagar is also near Meransia, to the left of Ghent, and Ivaline, which is at the bottom toward the middle, noted by the now defunct name of Ivey.

Meransia is home to the Merans, a cat-lizard like species who has very good relations and trade with Aldagar. Merans also, for the record and thanks to Magic ™ are able to cross-breed with humans.

Ivaline is home to the Verdillan, a plant-human hybrid like species who have two separate lifespans and are also able to cross-breed with humans. Ivaline, however, is very set apart, and its residents don’t interact outside their community.


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