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Good evening everyone!

I know I promised to post the winners yesterday, but RL intervened in the form of a close-open shift back-to-back. I didn't have time to sleep much less post, so today I announce the winners. 

Congratulations to [livejournal.com profile] mistress_pirate  who scored the free copy of any one of my three novels, and [livejournal.com profile] hockeyiris , who scored the Amazon gift certificate. Shoot me a PM or an e-mail so I know where to send your goodies!

I'm now back from my writing hiatus and eager to get to work. This week, I've an unusual interest in The Beautiful Lie so I've got that pulled up on my taskbar along with with The Break of Day which is what I'll be contributing to [livejournal.com profile] freeficfriday come January 21st.

Those of you who volunteered to read through In Darkness Dwells and give me your input (I'll have to go back and see who it was), I promise that you'll have the novel in your hot little hands by January 1st! It's almost completely gone through a cursory grammar read through and I'm only waiting on the last two chapters.

Which brings me to my next announcement. I am quite the prolific beast. I tend to write a lot and I have an enormous backstock of stories that still desperately need editing. Commas and I? We don't get along. And boy, don't even talk about me and certain adverbs, just, and even. My stories are peppered with them. With that said, I'm in need of a third beta. Yes, I said a third. I have a beta for most of my fanfiction (Bleach primarily), and a beta for most of my original general fiction (like Aftermath and the Erland series), but I'm in need of a beta for my original slashy fiction, stuff like In Darkness Dwells, The Break of Day, and Shady Hill. I'm looking for someone to correct my grammatical mistakes, point out when I contradict myself in the details, and give me an honest opinion on the quality of my work. Parties interested can e-mail me at crya2evans@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Also, for those anxiously waiting, Flash Fiction Friday will return this Friday, December 31st, as a final hurrah to 2010. I'm off that day so I should start taking requests early. Provided I get my tail out of bed that is. lol

I do believe that's all the announcements for today. Posting of chapters and all that jazz should resume within the week. Thanks for your patience!
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