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Today I bring you the shortest of my original fictions to date.

It started as a brief, unplanned writing exercise on Myspace. I wanted to post a blog so I just started writing to see where it would take me, the first line was "Broken." And then "Shattered into a thousand pieces of mirrored glass..." and from there, I just let the words flow. I didn't know where they were going to go, but as is the case with most of my stories, an idea began to shape itself.

Descent is only about a page long, sometimes more depending on what font I put it in It's a first-person POV ficlet, probably even more along the lines of a drabble. It even as an accompanying illustration, lovingly provided by my sister.

It's very dark and demanding and bitter. It's not a happy story, by any means, and yes, it is confusing. It is meant to be that way. I prefer the reader to draw their own interpretation.

It tells the story of a girl, obviously outcast to her village for some reason. She lives with her "Onna" on the edge of town, and she asks herself what is the purpose of her life? Why is she living? What is the point when she will die? She talks about how the hate begins slowly inside of her -- with the first cruel taunt -- and how it grows like a poison, swimming in her veins. She talks about how she is feared for no reason... until she gives them a reason to fear. And then her Onna wonders why she can't hear the children playing anymore, but the voice of the story gives her Onna no answer.

It's a very descriptive piece. I'm fond of Descent because I love the way I described things and how visual it is. In less than five-hundred words I managed to paint a perfect picture of the two characters and the society that surrounds them.

I have considered expanding it at some point, but haven't yet managed to do so. An idea sufficient enough to cover what I feel this story deserves hasn't yet emerged. I'm sure it will, with time.

You can read "Descent" here at my original fiction site.

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Title: Descent
Genre: Fantasy, Darkfic
Rating: T
Warnings: implied character death
Description: This is the story of a woman and her troubles, of finding herself and losing it again. Of a town, and its people. Of acceptance and belonging. Of the ultimate fear.

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