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Good evening my friends! I don't have any flash fiction yet but I do plan on working on them as soon as I can.

I did, however, find two reviews for my original works. I thought I'd share them with you.

One was for The Requiem of Janus, and is found on goodreads.com. They gave me 5 Stars!!!


The second was for Four Years On. It's on goodreads but it's also on their reviewing website, Brief Encounters. Unfortunately, my penname is spelled wrong. It accidentally got published/promoted as Wilkerson from the start so that's what all the official stuff tends to say. Oops. Tam gave me a C+ (3.5 stars)

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As part of the Charity Sip project, we authors volunteered to review some of our fellow author's work in something called a Review Reacharound.
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a/n: Originally written for Torquere's 2011 Charity Sip Blitz, I'm now offering it as a free read. Enjoy!

Title: Four Years On (a Jason and Kale short story)
Series: A Thousand Words
Genre: Romance
Rating: M
Warning: m/m erotica and romance
Description: Jason thought he'd left it all behind when he went to college: the family who couldn't accept him, the boyfriend he might have outgrown, the small town with even smaller minds. The past, however, catches up to him on the day of his graduation, when Jason is set to give the valedictory speech. Thanks to his new boyfriend Kale's meddling, this might just be the closure Jason needs -- for better or worse.

Reach for the moon. Because if you miss, you'll still land among the stars.  )


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